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  1. Moving the cache would be better cache maintainence than killing the hornets.
  2. Boy when you say spoiler you realy mean it, I've been caching since 01 and this is the first i've seen doon with a lure. Great job, would have been tough but there were 8 of us looking at the same time.
  3. Did this cache yesterday. Was great! I have never seen a cache done like this one. Thanks for the adventure!
  4. When I'm out caching alone I leave a placard on the dash of my truck informing that I'm a cacher and the FRS channel I'm on, and some other info on the reverse side in the event the police discover my truck has been there an extended lenght of time.
  5. Finaly! It is done! Good thing for long weekends! now to get it into my colorado.
  6. Running Vista, dont know how to run in xp com mode. now at 8800 files, Lots of patients is needed. I hope its worth it.
  7. Cant leave the laptop online that long in one shot, seems to continue when i start again. been several hours, got 1374 files. not sure why its so slow. have cable.
  8. How long does it take to download and were does it download to?, I started the download and after 3 hours, "I have cable and I dont know why it took so long" I had to go to work, when i got home there was nothing on the screen and i cant find anything on the computer. Now I have found the directory that some files have been downloaded to, 1333 img files, cant seem to get it into mapsource though.
  9. I use both, a 400t for out of the truck, and a 550 inside.
  10. Everytime I attempt to upload it tells me there are no records. Dont know what to do now.
  11. If the prices were blurred out would posting the menu then be allowed?
  12. Drop me a line if you plan on caching London to Windsor area, or even southeast Michigan.
  13. That cache is a good one but will take over an hour to finish. There are a lot of caches within 20 miles of the bridge. We have every kind of cache there is, Yes we do have a lot of "Othum friendly" caches. "micro in a pine tree" but what urban area dosn't!
  14. I have coin # 4...contact me for trade
  15. White jeeps? I thought they were Red this year!
  16. I am planning on going to the local armouries this week to see if there are any cachers lurking about, will get back to you with results. I cant remember if i ordered coin#5 did I? if not put me down for both.
  17. I sent a note to Groundspeak about the icon and thier reply was to post it on the forums. I found that rather strange.
  18. Othum

    Midwest Geobash

    Anybody going? here is the link http://www.mwgb.org/index.php My plan is to go earlier in the week and camp in the park next door.
  19. Just curious as to how coin # 6 is coming, want to get both 5 & 6 ordered at same time
  20. Is there some way this could be made into an Earth cache?
  21. Received mine today! Look great, only thing is when I activated the copper coin the little icon on the trackables page is messed up, it looks like two icons on top of each other, can this be fixed?
  22. Proud member of MiGO here but resident of Ontario, Canada
  23. Bringing my shower and A/C with me!
  24. Thanks Roddy, chances are good that I'll be there, it will be like a test run for the Midwest geobash.
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