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Baby Shower


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Hi Everyone,


This is my first official post on this forum and Aaron (Vespax, I was told to call him) is sitting beside me awfully excited about this turn of events!


Anyhow, to those of you who organized and attended my baby shower this past Saturday, I want to tell you how much I (we) appreciate it. It was a total surprise, and what a pleasant surprise it was! It was great to see all of you again and the gifts that you so generously gave us are wonderful. Thank you so much. Perhaps in a year or two we will have a birthday party at the kiddie park, and all are invited!


Thanks again to everyone for you thoughtfulness and generosity and hopefully we can get together again - soonish - with the little nameless one! :anitongue: Hope he has a name by then!



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Great to evenually meet the non_geocacher and we wish you the best of luck. Also glad to hear you found our gift :rolleyes::laughing:


It was a pleasure meeting all the Cape cachers. GeoPoppit and TerraTiger's antics curtailed a few discussions and we sadly didn't get to chat to everyone at length... sorry, had to concentrate on those abandoning our shores and the non-geoacacher etc.


Many thanks for inviting us to the shower and we hope to meet everyone again soon.

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CONGRATULATIONS Vespa! We wish you and the nongeocacher much happiness with this new cacher.


I guess you are too busy to help your racing bug since you new have a baby cacher to take care of! :surprise: So come on everyone, as a 0th birthday lets help out a poor Flute. The bug has just been place in Sherwood Forest.. It still needs to get to Top Billing and Shangrila and then back to JHB.

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Thank you all for the kind wishes and exceptional support to our little family.


Non-geocacher and Preston came home from hospital on Friday afternoon and so far we have survived two nights together (albeit with little sleep :D ). We are enjoying having him around though.


Globalrat and Geopoppit, you still hold the record for early cache finds. We just haven't had the chance yet. Although I see there is a new one in Newlands Forest that might be attempted soon! :D


Q - Who's going to be getting a little drum kit in the future?


A - chax ebpx Cerfgba!




OK, promise I won't make this a personal posting ground of baby pics. :D Thanks again and see/speak to you soon.


Regards, vespax, non-geocacher and 'soon to be geocacher'.

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