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OS Maps on Cache Pages Fixed!

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Thought I'd start a new thread to publicise the fix:


Sorry for the delay, I noticed that the maps had stopped working on Saturday morning but have only just had time to sit down and work out what had gone wrong...


The problem is indeed caused by a change to multimaps server and has nothing to do with firefox version. Multimap have changed the address of their map server and hence have broken the greasemonkey script.


The good news is that it is easy to fix


Just right click on the following link and select "Install User Script..."




Your maps should now be working again!


If you have any problems then either e-mail me or post it here.


Happy Caching! :D


PS: If you still have problems after following the above instructions then you may be installing a cached copy of the old script. Click on the above link, then press F5 to force a refresh of the page. Now reinstall the script.

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I'm afraid that the link won't open for me. :D

For those of you using FF2, please note that the "Install User Script" command doesn't show when right clicking. Instead choose view User script and FF2 provides an install button at the top of the tab/page.


Hope this helps.




If using Firefox 2 , just left click on the link. :D

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Following the instructions in the OP worked fine and I now have the Multimap displaying again.

When clicking on the map I no longer get the linked Multimap page opening. Instead, I get a GC page with "searching with Google maps". How can I get the link to the relevant Multimap page working again please.

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