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  1. is this series on dirt roads, and is it ok by 2WD?
  2. A couple of us are visiting the US from Australia (for the second time) heading up to complete the ET highway as last year we did the Route 66. Now are starting from LA and plan to tour around for a few weeks but interested if there are any suggestions for both Caching and tourist areas to visit. I also plan to setup another event to meet up with some locals so if there are any caches in Vegas to help out with that it would be great, we have plenty of time as our trip is around April 2014. So if you have any suggestions please shout out . thanks Paul
  3. mtrax

    Maps not working

    Is this Java script why the popups aren't showing for me.. ie I can't reliably get the cache details when I click the cache icons on the map.
  4. mtrax

    Maps not working

    Getting JS error clicking the icons to show details. I'm using FF 21.0 Timestamp: Tue 21/05/13 11:25:01 AM Error: TypeError: c is null Source File: http://maps.gstatic.com/intl/en_us/mapfiles/api-3/12/12/main.js Line: 134
  5. this would be good to know too.. is there a FAQ for all this info?
  6. Just thinking of the reliably is it worthwhile getting an extra years Warranty and does anyone believe the prices will come down after a few months based on historical trends on the older devices? Also just checking which would be the options for buying from Australia?
  7. I'm having some error messages connecting my GPS to my Android phone, it thinks the internal memory is corrupted and wants to format it? So I just want to know if I just need to run the dd to zero out the memory then powerup device and restore files?
  8. I don't think filtering will help if your GPX files exceed 2,000 geocaches.. ie I suspect the garmin units only load internally a random set of 2,000 geocaches
  9. I haven't tried it but couldn't you load files on GPSr like the following area1.gpx area2.ggg area3.ggg area4.ggg And then use your smart phone to connect via USB or load memory card to phone nad rename files . eg rename area1.gpx --> area1.ggg then area2.ggg--> area2.gpx then theoretically it should then allow you manage more than the 2,000 geocaches etc..
  10. err no doh... may mistake it was defaulting to my home country.. didn't see they.. thanks problem solved. foot note perhaps re-wording the message might make it easier to understand it was due to the Country selected not matching coords? eg "Lat. Coordinates do not match the Country selected"
  11. err no doh... may mistake it was defaulting to my home country.. didn't see they.. thanks problem solved.
  12. I'm trying to create a cache with coords of: N 22° 19.842 E 114° 11.494 which are in Hong Kong. but the page is saying these are invalid coords and displaying this error: "Latitude must be S for this country" Is this a trick or have I missed something
  13. Looks like some more tweaking required as I'm getting frequent "Brief Intermission" which is meant to be caused by abnormally load on website, which I'm pretty sure my few clicks aren't unusual so perhaps they need to dial-down the sensitivity for that feature.
  14. thanks for the update, would it be also possible to allow Archived caches to be included in PQ for at least 1 month after cache is archive, to allow incremental updates now that the PQ size has been increased.
  15. if you are going increase the PQ # then I assume you will be offline for a bit of time, and therefor it would also be useful to get a update list of recently archived caches as well ! which I think is more important personally
  16. is there any documentation on current web api/ or link parameters?
  17. Currrently the Google maps link has the Zoom level, can it also contain some of the Filters eg hide my finds , hide mystery etc.. F= Y|N ; hide finds y or n M=Y|N ; Mystery etc... eg lat=-35.3887&lng=149.031767&zm=15&mt=m&F=N&M=N that way I can just bookmark the link for an area without having to continually clicking the "Hide my Finds" thanks
  18. I've not yet heard from anyone yet about Seoul... but if anyone wants to contact me feel free and I can let you know exact dates , but it will be approxmiated end of June 09.
  19. I've not yet heard from anyone yet... but if anyone wants to contact me feel free and I can let you know exact dates , but it will be approxmiated end of June 09.
  20. Garmin Korea has the Korea maps. They just came out with a new update this month. BTW you could try : http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.html note quiet mapped everywhere but hey they are free !
  21. Are you in Seoul? In Deagu MAGC Korea holds a monthly MAGC "Meet & Greet" Event.... also there's an event set up by Edison (Geocaching Korea) "Welcome to visit Samcheok/GC1N0V6" planned for March 14. NY'er I'm stopping off there in June09 for a few days any chance I can catch up with some Geo-Locals in Seoul around end of June?
  22. right, I think this is old issue, and relates to TimeZone of user, since the Region is known the system should be able to adjust times, but my guess all the times a Local time not GMT / UTC so it makes it just that harder to update there system. Note the other place we see it is when entering logs ie the default day is usually "yesterday" rather than today.
  23. thanks for thank, the "feature" has been there for awhile so I wonder when they will be some function added to this.
  24. apart from an icon on my account page is there any other use for this "friend" feature? thanks
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