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  1. Hi try this link if you carry a rucksack it might be a technical solution walking pole modification
  2. Just read the article and it made me smile as it's amusing. The advice about scouting out your first few caches if you are taking youngsters out is fantastic. I always advise anyone new to the hobby that it's a good idea to reccy first before disappointing youngsters. Though I was also puzzled - chocolate coins and chewing gum in a geocache? What happened to no food items in a cache? The article may imply that it's a good idea to put your own cache down before you have found one. I waited until I'd done lots of caching before I even thought of putting down my own. I quickly realised that some people placing caches miss the point of taking you to a wonderful place, thinking it's all just about finding "the cache". However, if this article encourages parents and children to get outside and do things together then that's got to be a good thing. I would think that one of the greatest gifts parents can give to their children is their undivided time and attention. Jon
  3. Been to the roaches near Leek over the past week, they have a nesting pair of peregrines, saw them feeding on the moor behind the escarpment. Fantastic !
  4. There are a few close together in Coalbrookdale, just above Ironbridge. If you park at GC14B4M and then go along the Rope Walk to GCHJMN. It's a shame that you're not going to see the wild orchids, the wild garlic and the bluebells just yet. On your return journey to the car, go down into Loamhole Dingle GC123X0 (but take a plastic bag or something with you). Follow the path down through the dingle back round to your car. GC1855W is a nice little walk. Also, just a very short drive from Coalbrookdale, go up "Jiggers Bank" towards Horsehay. GC1490A is very close to where we live and there's a good fish and chip shop called The Codfather but they're only open til 8pm on a Saturday. GC16FT3 (A Blist from the Past) is also worth a look, and is quite close to GC14WA0. There are quite a few more in Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale itself worth doing that are not mentioned eg you could join GC16B0W and GC1C21Z in a circular walk from Ironbridge (but make sure you have an OS map so you can be sure you don't head off in the wrong direction and can get back to your car). Don't forget to look back to get excellent views.
  5. Hi Cust, now works a treat, had to stop myself from dancing round the office. Thanks for ending my frustration
  6. Help needed, I can get the file to convert and transfer to my ppc I double click the icon and it opens the cache mate page, brilliant. What I am having trouble with is getting Lordelph's custom icons to work. what is it I am doing wrong ?All I get is blue blobs in memorymap. The icons are in C:\Program Files\GSAK\ICONS
  7. Hi South seekers Loaded latest version of greasemonkey. Script still not working it appears to install ok but does nothing to the map on the cache page . I have tried pressing F5 as suggested and uninstalling old version before installing the new one
  8. Hi, Using FF2 unable to get the script running please help!!!
  9. Hi Ian, Madjon and Suze will be coming. Both vegetarian. Jon used to live in this area, on edge of Cannock Chase, so we've done a fair bit of the caches over that way. Which pub are you thinking of?
  10. Thanks for the heads up on the google calendar, not only have I got the geocaching events set up but also calendars for both me and Suzanne. Now what I need is a Gmail account to use with my pocket queries anybody got an invitation that I could use?
  11. Hi try the druids temple if the locals are there you could even get a drink( hair of the dog). The local youths and new age people seem drawn to this folly.
  12. Hi, Can anybody tell me how to use the Templates to produce route cards as in an adapted format I could use the template for group walks I organise, thanks
  13. We gained possession of the ball and took off running southwards fuelled by Staffordshire oatcakes and Dabley's real ale for real men.
  14. If you are looking for a good campsite near Snowdon try the site at Waunfawr in the grounds of the Snowdonia Parc Hotel. Nice flat site with good views of the mountains. Good clean showers and facilities. The hotel serves excellent meals and Welsh Highland bitter brewed in its own Microbrewery .The only really weird thing is you are not allowed to wear caps or hat's in the bar or lounge This is also the start of the Welsh highland railway. I am pretty sure they are alright with well behaved dogs but you would have to check . Hope this is of some help
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