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Cape Town: 13th-15th October, Anybody home?


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:rolleyes: Greeting people of the Mother City! :ph34r:


A part of QFC (F) will be in CT for the weekend of the 13th - 15th October. Anyone have caching sprees/raids that I can join in on/ Suggested caches/ the need for social contact. :)


The only major plans that I have for the moment is the UCT Winesoc dinner dance on the Friday night and a hangover on the Saturday morning. :rolleyes: Other than that I need to visit both the Top Billing and Shang-ri-la caches since there are the two of the last pit stops that I still need to visit in the race. Hopefully Speed Wobble will be accompanying me down so that he can reach Shang-ri-la and also some other Cape Town caches.


Let me know if it is worthwhile to set up an event or if anyone is bored <_< and feels like caching between Thursday and Sunday.


The last thing that worries me is that Friday will be the 13th….. hmmm… should I fly on this day?

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Ahh, jolly good show old bean.

Do set up an event if you wish. We all love a good chinwag down here.

Let me know if you need some co-ords for it.


My brothers birthday is on the 16th, so not sure what has been planned for that though.

I will send you a list of must do caches sometime if i get round to it. Are you after quality or quantity, or a bit of both?

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Will be staying in Edgemede for the weekend and am planning a trip down the R44 to Shang-ri-la and the Top Billing Cache. That and I may want to try find some of the caches around my old stomping grounds at UCT.


Suggest the best place and time so we can get this thing going. :D

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Yip, we are also around that weekend and would like to join in the fun! :bad:


Here is some more caches along R44 starting in Gordon’s Bay up to Shangri-La.


GCW9FZ - Anchors Away! by Amyson

GCQT66 - CA Sundowner Rock by colinaly


GCH3DR - Crystal Pools by Discombob


GCVB8V - The Haunted - R44 by GS&Dogs

GCY4D1 - TF18 Biosphere by Trackinfind


GCVB8P - Penguin Panic by GS&Dogs


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Right... So here is the question...


Noodle bar, Breakfast? Maybe that wont work. So the next question is where does one go for breakfast.


I think we wil go on a majority rules thing here. Name the time and place on Sunday that you would like to meet, someone give me co-ords and I would make the event. I am keen to do breakfast and the only place I can think of is the boston bagle in sea point. ????


Thoughts? comments?

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Ok... Fine! then suggest a better place. I know Rhodes Mem does reasonably expensive breakfasts (and sould be close enough for you :rolleyes:)


But seriously, I am out of the loop, so help a guy out and do that Cape Town organising thang! :laughing:


Thanks. Hope to see you all there, somewhere, sunday morning 15th October 08:30 ??????


Oh please get me the GPS co-ords of the decided spot so that I can "Make it official".




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I am sure you guys wont mind sacrificing some caching time for me???


Right, so unless there are any better ideas boston bagel it may be. ;) As soon as I get co-ords or better suggestions I will log the event.


Unfortunately it is of F of QFC, so there will only be one designer present. :o

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Hey sorry about the delay.

The co-ords for the famous Texan Kugel Emporium are:


S33 55.189

E018 23.095


Not sure if I'll be there or not. It turns out i might be heading to Nelspruit (and maybe JHB) sometime soon for a while.


PS: we were worried about your caching time, not ours <_<

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Cache has been submitted and will be available from (here) once it has been accepted by the moderators. I will phone some time during the week and book a table for 10 (t start) not sure how many CT people arrive at these things. <_< I am sure we can enlarge the table should the need arise.


Thanks for wanting to meet me, will hopefully see you many a cache later on Sunday. <_<

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<_< Ok.... well... it seems like there are some rules in Geocaching that I do not know about. :unsure:


It seems like events need to be published 14 days in advance of the event... Some bizarre reason about relaxing the rules of what constitutes an event.


So the cache/ event had a short life of about 14 seconds and was then archived.


All the same, this is no reason to spoil the fun. Please let everyone that you know know about the get together so that I can meet you all. Maybe we can place a micro, that way all you hungry cache hunters can still find something, though I hope my company is worth something.


Once again I appologise of not getting the event up in time. Now that I know this rule I will try and follow it. :blink:<_<

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Since the cache was archived I have copied its contents into this forum... Sorry for the long post. :anibad:



q(F)c: Returning to the old Haunting Grounds

S 33° 55.289 E 018° 22.964




As dicussed in this thread, F from QFC is down in Cape Town for the weekend and would like to meet all of the weird and wonderful people that live in this beautiful part of the country.


We will be meeting at/ in the New York Bagles in Sea Point at lets say 08h00 on Sunday 15 October.

New York Bagels

51 Regent Rd (part of Main Road)

Sea Point

Cape Town




I have grabbed the co-ordinates that I think are correct from Google Earth, but stand to be corrected if some one can stop past. (hint hint, nudge nudge, Discombob).


Hope to see you all there. Please add will attend notes to this page so that I know how many people to book for.

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Right.... So I have just booked.


There sould be a table upstairs under the name Brendan or Brandon or some other permentation. Spoke to a lady named Carmen. I booked for 8 people, so if there are mor just phone ahead and extend the table.


021 439 7523


See you at 8. Brendan

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You guys are great. Had large amounts of fun listening to all of the stories, grabbing glances at travel bugs and coins and trying to explain the ranking system. B)


Hope you had the same.


Till the next trip to Cape Town. QFC

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