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We've Got One!

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It makes me laugh that people complain you are exporting these from the states, you are being selfish by taking them away, but they aren't being selfish expecting them to stay in the USA... right?


Sadly, although I commend your effort its highly unlikely I'll ever see one in the wild. In my experience jeeps tend to become somewhat elitist, with people stockpiling them and holding onto them for months on end until they come across a cache which they deem worthy of one, or place a new cache of their own and decide to tempt people along.


I'm sure a few will end up on the event circuit and I'll see one there, it just seems such a shame people can't treat them like normal travel bugs and drop them off a few days after finding them so more people have a chance to go out and grab one.

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Ours will be released very soon (in fact as soon as we have got over our jetlag enough to concentrate on caching).


We've no intention of hanging onto them as we've got the icon now and the purpose of bringing them back to the UK was for others to enjoy the hunt for them and get the icon too :P


If anyone wants to bookmark the ones we have, the links are:




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:( I had a green jeep, But.... it went to Japan, and I think it may be in Hawaii right now, but then it will probably be going back to Japan, and then.... who knows, it might just show up in say ... Lancashire. I'm not positive on it's exact schedule but I'm pretty sure some of you might get to log it. :huh:
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