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  1. Hi all, here's the question: I've just got myself a Garmin Etrex 20 after years having a Magellan Meridian Platinum.I've also got Memory Map and Garmin Basecamp. Is there a way of sending custom maps (or portions of maps from Memory Map) to the the Etrex 20? I'm really struggling to find out how to get a better quality map on the gpsr.The one included with it is pants to say the least! I've also got an Android smartphone with Memory Map viewer software installed on it,but I'm a bit reluctant to take that out on the trail with me as a mapping device.... Thanks for any help
  2. Importing PQ's is still incredibly slow compared to version 1 of the app. Using Samsung Galaxy S
  3. I've just got an app for my android mobile called Alpine Quest which lets me download maps for offline use that have been created with a nifty little prog called Mobile Atlas Creator.It also allows the use of GPX files that I thought would be pretty good whilst out and about geocaching. Does anyone else use this? I'm really interested as to how it can be used to display multiple waypoints. As a user of Memory Map who invested into their company by buying the complete set of OS GB maps,I deceided to go over to this as those good old forward thinking folks at MM have chosen not to support the android platform. The ability to download both 1:25K & 1:50K OS maps free of charge for android,symbian,Windows CE etc is something that may be of use to all fellow cachers. I think that in the months to come they may regret their decision........
  4. Thanks for the help! I can confirm that this makes it work on Windows 7!
  5. I've tried as you said but I get incorrect username/password error! HELP!
  6. I was thinking along the lines of the map page here: Map
  7. I've got a coin that has the mission to visit every county in the UK.Does any know of how I can provide an automatically updated map of where it's been ? This would be on the coin's web page of GC.com Ta!
  8. Dont know wether this counts or not... http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=660019
  9. thanks for your help-it's all now working as it should!
  10. I was previously using GSAK ver 6 and custom exporting my icons to use as a memory map overlay.However,after taking the bait and installing GSAK ver 7,my custom export function will not give me the icons that I used to have! I've tried using the Memory map export function,but this just gives blue dots on the overlay.I've also checked to see that the custom icons (Lord Delphs) are still available and they are. HELP!
  11. Near me..... Boghole Boghead Titaboutie Coulterfanny Tarty Burn Tongue of Gangsta Bottom Burn Fanny Burn
  12. As regards this practice,then live and let live I say. It does conjure up an idea for a Woganesque Janet & John story.... Janet is in the kitchen making some cakes "John,where are you going?" asks Janet "I'm going for a walk with my friend and his gps" replies John from the other room. "What for?" Janet inquires " We are going to find a box and when we find it we are going to put our things in it" says John,clutching his latest freebie from McDonalds. "I hope this next box is in a better condition than the last one.It was soaking wet!" he explains. " I hope things don't get too messy" "My friend has done this before and he's going to show me how I can do it too! By the end of the day we might be able to put our things in nearly 10 different boxes!" "It's quite normal for people to do this in groups " says John Janet looks angry Janet is holding a frying pan See Janet swing the frying pan at Johns head... Run John,Run!! I wonder how long it will be until www.geoswinging.com becomes a registered website?
  13. Don't know about 'chessnuts' - Is this the name for folk that are fanatical about a certain game? I haven't found any in the wild,but I am partial to 'pawn' crackers. Sorry,I must be getting board
  14. You big Jessie - don't even think of it......... I've just one thing to say.... U.Y.H!
  15. This script seems to be an important piece of code,so would someone be able to make it available for us all please? Following this immense post is really doing my head in.I'm starting to think that paper caching is the way to do it after all.................. A nice and easy "how to" would ideally be the right way to do things. Any takers?
  16. thanks for the pointer.I'll take a seat and wait for this expert to come along....
  17. thanks for the pointer.I'll take a seat and wait for this expert to come along....
  18. I apologise if this has been asked before,but after trawling through previous posts I can't find the answer. What I'd like to be able to do is to to tap on a cache icon in Memory Map on my PPC and have the cache details that I have in Cachemate open automatically. Is this possible and more importantly-How do I do it? Thanks for any help
  19. You have the perfect opportunity to visit the U.K's most easterly Cache (GCWW99)
  20. A few months ago,someone posted a bookmark of puzzle caches in the UK.Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to find this list please? I've tried doing a search,but can't find it! Thanks in advance...........
  21. Personally I don't mind the puzzle caches.I find them a lot more rewarding (and frustrating)than just being able to get loads of easy caches.Mind you I haven't found that many puzzle caches! It also shows the ingenuity of some of the cache setters out there.Somedays when the weather is just too bad to go out,it's quite nice to be able to do a bit of sleuthing over a hot coffee and try to work out the clues.. Saying that though, GCWWX0 was a right difficult one to complete and one that I needed a bit of help with.Maybe it's the area of the UK that it's in,but I don't think that there are many folk that will be able to put it on their found list....
  22. what type of coin was it? It was a Yorkshire Geocoin....
  23. I'd love to go caching with someone who: Likes trampling through nettles...preferably whilst wearing shorts... and the smell of calamine lotion. Adores rummaging through piles of litter to find a plastic box that's full of water.... and can see the luxury of waterproof gloves. Can see the benefit of walking 5 miles in the wind and rain only to find that vital paperwork has been left in the car..... and the relief of finding the same paperwork in another pocket. Relishes making excuses to not look like a weirdo after being caught muttering the phrase"it must be here somewhere" over and over again by the general public........ and finding the person who found you is another cacher. Enjoys getting so muddy it looks as if you have been in the Battle of the Somme..... Likes looking forward to enjoying changing into dry clean clothes that have been left in the car,only to find that you didn't bring any spare clothes with you..... Takes pleasure in driving home 70 miles whilst wearing soaking wet clothes..... Fond of eating sandwiches that have been squashed at the bottom of a rucksac all day... Hang on a moment,I think I've just described Mrs Thunderbird30!!
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