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Caching Gear

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Personally, I carry a backpack with on my geocaching adventures. I was wondering what other cachers might bring along and what they have inside.


Contents of my CachePack:


Folder with print-outs

First Aid Kit



Trade Items

Travel Bugs and Geocoins


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Copy & Pasted from another post of mine:

In/on my backpack I have:


GPS (Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx)

Map of area (currently unused but worth the weight of the paper just in case)

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that I purchaced in Austria because it was cheaper than Switzerland tongue.gif

Military Surplus foldable shovel (sometimes)

Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp

Digital or desposible Camera

Maglite non-LED flashlight

12-16 Energizer 2500 mah rechargable batteries

Polarized sunglasses

Silva Polaris compass (useless in some areas where I live due to large iron deposits)

Cell phone


Extra ziplocks, logbooks, pencils, pens

Camo Duck Tape

CITO bags

Bug spray

Small survival/first aid kit

Motorola Talkabout radio


I think that's about it. In the winter there are a few additional items:


Snow shoes

Polarized ski goggles

Heat packs

Extra socks & gloves


If I'm on my bike in town I pack a lot lighter and usually just bring my camelbak, gps, compass, cell phone and a couple items for caches.

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no, I don't carry them

it depends what sort of cache I am seeking.

mostly my camera bag with some swag in an outside pocket and a bottle of water hanging off a 'biner on my belt. In the bag, of course, are cameras and any gadgets I think I may want/


For a serious cache - backpack with tent, sleeping bag, lots of clean, dry socks, 2 or 3 week supply of desacrated foodstuffs, water, more water, raingear and a wool sweater. (this is a partial list)

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A list of common use items I have compiled from similar questions and responses over the last year. I now carry most of these.


First aid kit: Instant ice pack, Smelling salts, Ace bandage, Band-aids, Tylenol, Aspirin, Motrin, Butterfly closures, Gauze, Chapstick, Adhesive tape, Moleskin, Antiseptic, Snakebite kit, Bug bite swabs, Alcohol pads, Iodine swabs, CPR mask, Cotton balls/swabs, Eye wash


Other: Rain poncho, Roll of TP, Mylar survival blanket, Washrag, Soap, Light sticks, Small flashlight, Hand warmers, Bug repellant, Compass, Signal mirror, Sunscreen, Pocket knife, Leatherman, Whistle, Cable saw, Fire starters, Duct tape, Waterproof matches, Rope (50 ft, 1/4 in. nylon), Sweat shirt/jacket


For Geocaching: Ziploc bags, Trash bag, Logbook/pencils, Map/cache notes/PDA, Small calculator, Batteries, SWAG, Pedometer, Cell phone, Camera/mini-tripod, FRS radios, Walking Stick, Beef jerky, Granola bars, Trail mix, Water



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