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"north Up" Or "track Up"


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I've tried using Track Up as the orientation setting when viewing maps-- but only for a brief period. Don't care for it at all and find it quite confusing and harder to visualize the "big picture".


My wife's preference on the other hand is exactly the opposite. With orientating set to North Up she has a hard time visualizing which way to turn unless she can read the printed turn directions. She much prefers Track Up.


Is this a male/female thing? Left brain / right brain phenomenon? Sure sign I'm losing it???


Maps are north up. When I'm visualzing them though I orient to my frame of reference. If I'm looking at a map and the world around me I orient north up and point north on the map north in the real world. You can call that North - Track Up.


When I'm driving my frame of referene is my windshield view. Track up all the way.


At my desk, I don't really care and it's all North up and I don't have any frame of reference except the map and my own brain which both agree on north up. Except my home town where I was messed up for a lot of years orienting evething East Up intead of north.

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If I'm driving or mountain biking, track up I want to know what's coming and my general direction isn't all that important because I'm locked into where the trail/road goes anyway.


Now if I'm off in the middle of nowhere, off an established trail, say doing some geo mapping, and I'm only checking my gps ever once and awhile to locate/compare my position to a topo map or aerial photo, then north up since I orientate myself and my topo map/aerial photos to north before trying to pinpoint my location.


That's what we need, a handheld gps that also takes georeferenced aerial photos. Well okay I take that back, we need one for less than a couple grand, since they already exist.

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