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  1. ill give it a try and see what i come up with
  2. hi, what setting do i need to use in order to see google earth coordinates on my gpsmap 60csx im set to wgs 84 for map datum and my postion format is hddd'mm.mmm' so i want to find a cool location on google earth and enter the coordinate info in my gps then go there.
  3. so i want to volunteer for water sample month on the AT and i have the L+L s from their website but how do i convert them to garmin language? here is what they are showing. thanks in advance. http://www.appalachiantrail.org/atf/cf/%7B...water_sites.pdf ok im a retard for not reading so which nad27 should i use?
  4. travel bug???whats this about??
  5. thank you Klatch for letting me know what it was, i can see how fish would love those things. im sure ill roll over tonight and find one reading me a bedtime story
  6. , ok that was funny but for real this creature had lots of buddies and they assaulted my campsite all last night. they would drop out of trees onto my tent and they climbed all over it, one even got inside, thank god for my garmins hard crushing backside. there must have been over 100 of them . i think they might be chupacabra
  7. http://img03.picoodle.com/img/img03/8/5/28...49m_9d81f2d.jpg
  8. im such a dork because i bought a solar charger that mounts on my backpack, called the solar claw. i havent used it in the field yet for fear ill get beat up by some passing hiker on grounds of being a nerd but one day ill pull it out but for now ill just bring spare batts.
  9. hey guys whats a good gps for running street. i have the 60csx, but i want a wrist runner.
  10. cool i was on there for a bit and couldnt find the spec sheet on the upgrade
  11. enjoy aussieand can anyone see what 3.3 actually does for us??
  12. What can I do to make my batteries last longer. On a recent trip I was changing batteries every 12 hrs . I still want tracking enabled and I turned off WAAS. I use Duracell Procell batteries.
  13. I bought a solar charger for my backpack called the Solar Claw. It can charge batteries for your gps among other devices. Asking $200 for it. Its brand new, I can show pictures to confirm.
  14. does anyone have a gps route up the Mt. Whitney mountaineers trail
  15. its an HP 607 4 megapixels thats looking at the chocolate drops in canyonlands http://img02.picoodle.com/img/img02/7/4/9/f_gpm_669f435.jpg http://img03.picoodle.com/img/img03/7/4/9/...anm_905e65a.jpg
  16. canyonlands. it was really hot, even in april. http://img02.picoodle.com/img/img02/7/4/9/...onm_67ad096.jpg
  17. WOW, The Canyonlands in Utah are awesome. Absolute A kickers but the reward at the end is so complete. My 60csx didn't drop signal once, ate batteries like a hungry fat kid but held its coarse. I would not use it as my only way of navigation but as backup to a map and compass. On a side note does anyone have a route up the Mt. Whitney mountaineers trail?
  18. well i was waiting for a marching band full of elephants to come across this thread this went all over. what ive done for this trip and in trips past is brought along a laser pointer that can shoot 40,000 ft yes thats right 40 grand. this would be most effective for locating at night but in a pinch it can catch someones eye during the day. i never knew the SOS sequence to use it just incase. anyone know that? im not going alone, but with someone else. One of us can go for help to the nearest 4x4 campsite for an evac if needed.
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