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Who Wants To Be On Tv

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Hi all,


I've recently been approached by a reporter from ITV Anglia News, she is looking to do a feature about Geocaching.

She is looking for a family to be "interviewed and show her the ropes"

They also need to be based in Beds, North-ish Herts, Milton Keynes, Cambridgeshire or Northamptonshire area.

Apparently it's due to be filmed within the next couple of weeks in time for Fathers Day.


I'd love to do it BUT i'm wanted in 7 counties for sheep rustling :ph34r:


If there any takers i'll pass on the relevant information.



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:laughing: Thanks for your offers BUT the position has now been filled ;)


Good luck...... this is the thin end of the wedge... Anglia news to start with..... then you'll be opening carnivals... guest appearences on Richard and Judy and then HOLLYWOOD....fame and fortune!!!!!! :laughing:



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I've just spent the morning caching with my family and an ITV camera crew :)


The end result will be going out on Anglia's local news programme on Monday or Tuesday. I managed to keep my ugly mug off camera as much as possible, my 5 yr old daughter stole much of the limelight.


I'll hopefully get it digitised and put online somewhere, and I'll post more details of the air date if and when I get them!

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I just watched it and breathed a huge sigh of relief, it wasn't that bad and they did a good job with the edit!


Sarah had two people come and ask her all about when she picked the kids up from school, as it was shown at lunchtime too! I'll see if I can digitise a copy for posterity...

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