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That "national Event" !?

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I thought it was time to change this one from the Bi-Annual ... what ... what ..., but now I don't know how to link it to the other thread :( ... come on guys and gals ... help me!!!


On this thread we can plan and dream about THAT BEEG event ...

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:(Lets get this thing moving - nobody really wants to hang out at Gariep in mid-summer! Lets do this thing as close as possible out of school term and crowds! Put in your suggestions NOW!!

And come on - we are not the only living South Africans down here in the Western Cape - thanks to Noddy,Wolkynou and Batsgonemad and His Squirrel , geocacher and perdix - who have resposponded -is there anybody out there?!!Earth To ****!!!?>?+?/ :laughing:

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Is Dallas, Texas really better than South Africa?


I know, a biased and loaded question. but surely we can get some people together and have a great national event on the far side of the earth. I will do everything I can to be there. And I know some dedicated WC cachers who are game. How about everybody else?


P.S. - Did you read the fury of cownchicken?

is there anybody out there?!!Earth To ****!!!?>?+?/
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How about a national event / get together to plan the award categories / structure for next year? This get together could be held over the mid-year holidays - this year.


The competition can then run from winter to winter and the venue for next years event can be voted for by those attending.

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Guys and Gals, we need your support on the following thread to make it a very special event ... so please support us and we can make something very special of it ... Read the thread to see what's up ... Garmin is coming aboard as sponsor if we get enough suppport from as wide as possible :P:):D:rolleyes:


So go to this link and give geocaching in SA all the voooma you can ... The Bi-Annual Best Cache Awards




I'm closing this topic ... we can use the indicated thread as the one to further embroider on the theme

Thanks to all participants

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