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Any "only Winter Cachers" Out There?

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Now that it is nicer weather in the NE, I find that I am caching a lot less. I have a lot of other activities that fill my time.. Thinking about it their must be others that primarily cache in the colder months, think about it no ticks, poison ivy, allergies, snakes, etc....


I kind of miss the cold weather caching even though the items above don't bother me with the exception of this years allergy season!


Any others like this? :o

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I can tell you this. This was the first winter I have cached in and it was a ton easier. In addition to the reasons you stated, it is also a lot easier to move through the brush without all the leaves and undergrowth. There were some caches I did that would have been heck to get to if it would have been summer. Having said that, I enjoy caching when the trees are green too because of the scenery and more animal life around. But, like you said, I hate those bugs. :o

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I cache less in the summer, but not because I'm busy enjoying the beautiful weather. We've already hit record highs (92 in the beginning of April) and it only gets hotter as time goes on. Humidity down here is brutal. I also don't like snakes or poison ivy.

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My two seasons worth, :lol:


My caching will be about the same.... During winter months I travel 30 miles to less snow and no bugs, snakes and other such critters. During the nice weather times I go just outside my back door to the caches above 8000 feet, that are covered with snow.....


365 days available caching in good weather in colorado.... :o


Dave from Team_Talisman

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No ticks, walking across lakes instead of around them, clear signals from a lack of leaves, ahhh....good times! We started caching in the fall and it just kept getting better. Whistler & Co. warned us that summer would be different and we're starting to see already. Allergies, bugs, mud, sweat, poisonous critters and all the rest are in full swing. I can't wait till the fall B)

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I'm turning into a "prefers Winter" cacher especially if there's woods or hiking involved. I'd like to say it's because the ticks/snakes/mosquitos/biting flys are dormant and the lack of foliage makes it easier to see but truth be told, the hot Alabama summers are beginning to take their toll [1].




[1] not to mention the extra weight[2] and arthritis in my lower back, hips, and knees

[2] I know, I know save your comments

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