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  1. Hi everyone - We'll be headed down for a long weekend in St. Augustine in a couple of weeks. Plan to get in plenty of caching while we are there. Just wondering if anyone has suggestions of "must-do" caches that we won't want to miss. Thanks!
  2. Just last weekend. We were looking for a cache in a swampy area, and there were a lot of cypress knees growing. Most were large enough to notice and avoid, but while staring at the GPS and following the arrow I tripped over a smaller one. I stumbled around trying to avoid landing butt-first in the mud, and I somehow kicked myself in the shin. It hurt to walk for the rest of the day (that was find 2 of 6 for the day). Now it only hurts if something puts pressure on it. Nearly every caching trip has at least one moment where I wonder when I will learn to pay a little more attention to where I'm stepping.
  3. The nearest unfound cache is less than a mile from my house. In fact if I walked out my backdoor I could walk to it in less than 7 minutes. There are several within a mile. I tend to save the local caches and instead travel 20-50 miles for caching daytrips. I have an irrational fear of finding all of the caches closest to my house, and then not having anything to do when I want to cache in town.
  4. This thread has been helpful to me - and reminded me of a few things I needed to add to our bag. So, here's a picture of our bag: 1 - Backpack (with lots of interior pockets) for full days or longer hikes 2 - Smaller bag for short walks 3 - Ziploc bags full of swag (Mini flashlights, geocaching patches and pins, new toys, etc) 4 - Mini first aid kit and (behind it) a ziploc bag with larger bandages and gauze pads 5 - Cache repair kit (spare logs, pens and ziploc bags) 6 - Deodorant for me (added after seeing it in another bag posted here) 7 - Heavy duty gloves (purchased and added after seeing gloves in another bag posted here) 8 - His'n'hers emergency ponchos 9 - His'n'hers mini Maglites 10 - GPSr 12 - Spare battery case (currently containing 7 AA batteries and one battery tester) Not pictured: digital camera and iPhone loaded with iGeocacher (just started using this over the weekend). Also not pictured: water bottles (which we always carry) and assorted snacks which we take on longer days or hikes Oh, and as of Saturday we've found 50 geocaches (we are s l o w geocachers) - so both bags have really been used as GeoBags. Thanks for this thread!
  5. Just wanted to say Welcome! Sounds like you are off to a great start already. Hope you have a great geo-vacation!
  6. My husband and I are both geeks, and I first learned about geocaching while reading a blog written by another geek. He would often talk about his hiking trips, and one day mentioned hiding a geocache. This was in 2003. I looked into it then, told DH I thought we'd like it, but we didn't pursue it. Every once in a while I'd come across a reference to geocaching. Finally in November 2005 I saw the light. We bought a Garmin that night, and headed out the next day. I love the combination of technology and nature. I especially love that we get outside more, hike more, and see more of this beautiful earth than we ever would have seen otherwise. We go at it in fits and starts, and right now I'm in the midst of a "fit" - it's all I want to do and all I can talk about.
  7. This will be our first too! We can't wait - sounds like it will be a great time.
  8. Miragee - Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction! Since I'd never tried it before, it didn't occur to me that it might be a website problem.
  9. I'd appreciate any help you can offer on this! I'm trying to upload my first new route - I've used some of the public routes in the past, but there isn't a public route for my weekend geocaching plans. I've created my route in Google Earth, saved it as the appropriate file type, and uploaded it. When I Preview the route before saving it everything is fine - the route goes from my home city to my destination. Once I save the route and then click on the link the route has changed - the first half of the route is correct, then it goes off in a different direction to the wrong city! I've gone through the steps three times. Each time the route is fine in Google Earth, fine when I preview it after upload, and wrong after I save the route. The route is under 200 miles, and only 60 something points, so there shouldn't be any problems there. I'm trying to route from Charleston, SC to Hartsville, SC. Once saved the route is diverting to North Myrtle Beach, SC. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much! Stephanie
  10. I think these toys are great! I've traded for one in a cache - it's much more than a McToy to me! I might have to look for these to add to my swag bag too!
  11. In my dreams I cache every day in many beautiful places in the US and elsewhere Ideally I'd love to be able to make it out every weekend Really, this thing called life gets in the way, but we try to make it out at least once a month. When I'm not geocaching I'm lurking in the forums or doing dream queries "Let's find caches in Paris today!" . I also think about the places I will hide a cache when my time comes (I have three great locations in mind, I just want to find more before hiding any myself). Great, now I want to go out geocaching instead of finishing this project that is due for work this week. <sigh>
  12. We just started geocaching in November, but I already know I like it better in winter, for all the reasons you stated. Of course, it's not that I won't go during spring, summer and winter.... just that I prefer winter.
  13. We are still kind of new to this too, but when we first started I looked at the logs to see what kinds of things people said they were leaving and taking. That will give you a great idea of what people are doing in your area. We live in SC, and I like to leave state-themed stuff sometimes. We have a backpack we usually take and it contains: Several ziploc bags in assorted sizes our signature cards A few small notebooks (to use as log books, if needed) Pens and pencils small containers of bug spray and sunscreen SC State bracelets and key chains small first aid kits puzzles travel size games (chess, checkers) small sea creature water squirters SC floating key chain (for boat keys) mini-manicure kits We're probably going to pick up some gift cards for our favorite places (just a few bucks on each) - we are planning a serious geocaching outing for Saturday - and I want more great trade items to take.
  14. Many times a day - every day! If I am not thinking about geocaching, I am thinking about places I could hide a geocache. If I'm not thinking about hiding places, I'm thinking about containers. Not thinking about containers, thinking about what to put in the container. Thinking about puzzles... RIght now my husband and I are helping to sort through stuff at my in-laws house - there is a trash bag, a goodwill box, a box for us, and a box for geocaching. <Good stuff coming out of the closets at their house>
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