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Down Loading Cache Waypoints

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I am new to this game and love it !


Having trouble however identifying cache locations as it would seem this can only be done through Postcodes or proximity to other caches.


If I don't know a post code close to where I am traveling how do I look up a cache ?


At the moment I am using a road atlas to identify a nearby town and then doing a google search on the town to identify businesses and their post code. There must be a simpler system ?


I am driving from Brighton to Glasgow next week and would like to ''knock off easily accessable caches en route.


Can Anyone help please !!!

Many thanks


Two left Ferrets

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If you type in the address below into google you can then upload caches. If you put in your postcode it will give you all the caches in your area. If you want to you can download the entire UK cache listings too.

I would suggest you try going to http://www.geocaching.com/about/about.aspx and start from there to give you the best possible start.




Regards....Red Squadron

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Become a Premium Member and use Pocket Queries as in the other topic which is running, i.e. "Looking to buy a PDA . . .".

Or update your home coordinates and search for nearest - right hand side of your "My Account" page.


GCUK is of course an excellent alternative.

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before i had the overlay on google earth i used an old bed and breakfast book and got postcodes from there.alternatively look up businesses on google that are in the area u want and get postcodes fom their addresses.

i see you live in surrey not sure where ? we are weybridge!


ok, call me thick, but can someone provide a brief how to of the google overlay? I only ever visualise caches in google using GSAK, but it sounds like I can quickly bring up all the caches from GC.com, and then zoom to an area? do i need to pay extra goof google earth, as i only have the free one.


PS, yes i know I could find this by searching, but its late, and you guys are such a wealth of info...! ;)



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