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The 2006 Alberta Geocoin Project


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If you have already purchased the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin then congratulations and Thank You. The geocoin sale will be password protected for awhile to allow all Albertans the opportunity to buy this geocoin. Go ahead and let other Albertan geocachers know about this geocoin, spread the word and spread the password as well, to Albertans only please.

Don't forget to contact those who don't use the forums much and let them know that this geocoin is avaialble at the www.geocoinstore.com

If you know a geocacher in your area who might be interested in buying this geocoin go ahead and forward them the password and that will serve as notice of the coins availability as well.


The Working Group would like to encourage all Albertans to buy this geocoin.


The proceeds form this geocoin sale will be realized as Alberta Wild Rose geocoins and these geocoins will be given away. When you purchase the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin you are participating, your purchase helps us give away geocoins.

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The password protected period on this geocoin will last for a little while longer so all Albertans should have an opportunity to buy this geocoin. If you know an Albertan geocacher who is not real active maybe drop them a line, they will be sorry if they miss out on this geocoin.

You don't have to be a geocoin enthusiast to want to add the Wild Rose icon to your profile, it is a distinct symbol of Alberta appropriate for any Alberta geocacher.

If you know a cacher who hasn't discovered geocoins yet then make sure you point out that this type of geocoin is a great way to start, it is a very focused geocoin, it is all about our home, Alberta.


The more you look at this coin the more you will see.


Here is a sample;


"If you look at the coin you see a lot of city names are missing letters yet are identifiable. The first full city name you can see on the coin that is not missing any letters is "Swan Hills". The decision faced by the Working Group was a choice between Swan Hills and Fort Assiniboine, these two Alberta locations are just about equidistant from outforthehunt's Virtual Cache Journey to the Centre of Alberta. We decided that the word "assiniboine" was not a characteristic Alberta name but Swan Hills fit the bill perfectly."


See. :anibad:

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That is great news Mike.

We are extremely excited in Wild Rose Country and many Alberta geocachers are looking forward to seeing these unique and beautiful geocoins, our Working Group is preparing several promotions!!!


The 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin has been on sale for awhile and it is still a protected "Albertans Only" sale. If you know a casual geocacher in Alberta who only gets out geocaching once in awhile or a geocacher who doesn't read the forums then please take the time to send them a short email indicating that the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose geocoin is available at The Geocoin Store.

On behalf of all the members of the Working Group I would like to offer a big "Thank You" to everyone who has purchased the 2006 Wild Rose. By purchasing the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin you have in fact become a participant in this project and we have some exciting plans.

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Hi AtlantaGal


I have to check with The Geocoin Store to confirm but I do believe that the sale will become public this weekend at midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, I may be mistaken so I will check and post the confirmed information, Mike might post it here as well if he is reading.

Our intent in offering a protracted period of protection was to ensure that Albertans are able to buy a geocoin made specifically for Alberta, it is our hope that a lot of casual geocachers in our province have an opportunity to buy the Wild Rose Geocoin.

I really think the Wild Rose or"Skeeter" geocoin is a little different, there is no aspect of the design that did not undergo scrutiny, everything was planned, right down to the placement of the name Rosedale, AB.

We had alot of fun designing this geocoin and the artist really had some great ideas.

Alberta geocachers are going to see alot of things in this geocoin that may not be apparent to non-Albertans but I really think that what makes it a must have geocoin is it's beauty.

I will check with the geocoinstore and let you know AtlantaGal.

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The password protected period for the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoin is over, it has been over for a few days and if you are interested in owning this beautiful geocoin you can purchase the Wild Rose at the The Geocoin Store.


In the near future the Alberta Geocoin Working Group will be creating several promotions around these geocoins. Thanks to everyone who has shown support and purchased the Wild Rose coin.

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I have been up on the roof of my house installing new shingles for a few days now.

I used vacation days from work and got an amazing break with the weather but I am still not finished and I am very reluctant to come down until I am done. When I saw the characteristic envelope arrive yesterday I did come down and I was happy I did. The mailman bought me four of the 2006 Alberta Wild Rose Geocoins, I purchased four through the storefront simply to get them in hand as fast as possible.

I am glad I did.

It is always nice when to be satisfied with a geocoin, it is better when your expectations have been exceeded, I think this coin turned out much better than the artwork.

The real coin exceeded my expectations, it is much subtler than I thought it would be.

Thanks Mike, this is a nice coin and I am completely :blink: .

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It is always nice when to be satisfied with a geocoin, it is better when your expectations have been exceeded, I think this coin turned out much better than the artwork.

The real coin exceeded my expectations, it is much subtler than I thought it would be.

Got mine a few days ago and I am too very satisfied with the result. Very nice finish. They look really good. The design process was long, but well worth it. :blink:

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