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Oldest And Youngest?

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My Mum is 76 soon to be 77 and has been doing geocaching for a little while since I bought her a gps last year . I have taken her out while she has been staying with me this weekend and she is planning on doing more when she gets home.


If I am anything like here when I get to that age (years and years away of course!) I will be well chuffed...


As for youngest - I have been taking my grandaughters out with me since I started the youngest is now 2.5 so she was about 1 when she did her first with me...


Laughalot :rolleyes:

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Happy birthday to all the lovely Piscean cachers out there (and nyeh nyeh nyeh to all the others!


As my birthday is 22/02 I'll let you guess what the year is.


I'm taking my dad who is 79 to Alpha Quest Y this coming saturday.

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I only turned 20 last week, was 18 when I started.


Reckon I must be one of the few student cachers. Unfortunately it means I can't cache that much during term time, but term finishes today so looking forward to doing some caches over easter, 5 weeks of holiday spent caching B) !!! ( ok i should probabaly be revising but caching is just far too tempting! and hey healthy body, healthy mind and all that).

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