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Any Easy Way To Find Caches At Rest Areas?


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Does anyone have an easy way to identify caches along the interstate highways that are in the rest areas along the way while traveling? I have found a few that people were nice enough to name with the highway number in them through searching but is there another way of locating more? Thanks.

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I tend to stop fairly infrequently when I drive so I rarely need to seek out more than a cache or 2 every few hours. For me, the easiest thing I've found is to fire up Google Earth with the geocaching .kml file loaded.


You can pan along your route and see what's there at a glance. Just click on the cache icons to see a brief blurb. :)


This doesn't however guarantee they are in a rest area, but it's a good overall visual scan of the route.

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I use Google Earth as well. If you zoom in close enough you can a get a pretty good idea of whether it is in the rest area or not....there is however an intentional error you have to watch out for.


If you find them, clcik on it and book mark it, then run a PQ on the bookmark, create PDX file and drag into temp place folder in Google Earth...... Just found out that it is very accurate.


Ac ouple of other ideas would be great to see in the future.....


1.) A rest area filter in Google Earth

2.) A keyword search for an entire cache page instead of just the title.

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