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Google Earth

Alice Band

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I've recently been exploring the Google Earth software, but on the GC.com site it mentions that it features add-ons specially for cachers, but can I find download links? Nope.


I have found one on the Belgian Geocaching site [thankfully I can read Flemish] which features a special GCSAK add-on to link the two, but that's it. Apparently Google Earth can do all sorts for cachers including the creation of a travel line that shows the journey of TB's for instance, but I havent even seen a link to an FAQ.


Has anyone on here tried it out yet? If so, does it prove its worth to cachers and caching? And are there any links up yet for Macros etc?



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just followed the link at bottom of my account page ,fantastic to now see where caches are in relation to my search point. i have always been frustrated that when you do a search on geocaching.com it works on distance from search point rather than direction.i.e N then S etc. or is there a way i can do this in set up somewhere?

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The problem that I have with GE is that it's positioning can be out by a considerable distance, TB tracking is OK as I would think that absolute accuracy is not required, But cache placement location you might want an accurate picture.


I use MM aerials when planning and also on my PDA in the field, if required

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You don't need a GPX file to view caches on google earth. Go to your 'my account' page, amd under 'google mapping features' you will see a link to download a geocache browser.


If you do that, you can see up to 150 caches in the viewed map area, WITHOUT getting the PQ.



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If you havent noticed the general geocache browser deliberatly misplaces the exact cache position. (to make it less of a spoiler and to prevent people using the system to download heaps of information). I dont think the TB tracking or the single download (on cache page) feature this misplacement, nor does converting a GPX from a pocket query (or downloads from G:UK)


I have also developed a range of ther Google Earth overlays here, although not directly geocaching they could be of interest (as other things to see while geocaching)

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With the above link given I found it doesnt seem to misplace those. Tested it using my home lat/long.


There's some nice stuff out there now I have some more links sent. I would have found them all if the Groundspeak search was working again. :)

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