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2006 Idaho Geocoins


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For those of you that were lucky enough to get in on the 2006 Idaho coin orders, you'll be happy to note that they have arrived.


This thread is NOT a trading thread.


Most of the non Idaho cachers that ordered these coins never frequent our forums, so this thread serves as notice that they are in my hands and need to get into yours. Please contact me with your shipping info and well as your caching name so we can get them to you.


While this coin was primarily limited to Idaho cachers only, a few out of staters slipped in under the radar and we accepted your order, however, you'll still need to reimburse me for shipping. When you contact me, I'll let you know the amt. It'll be actual shipping cost, no more.


They are every bit as impressive as the 2005 coin and will be in huge demand on the trading threads. The vast majority of these coins are in the hands of Idaho geocachers (or will be within days) and I invite you to post trade requests in our Numismatics subforum at www.idahogeocachers.org

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They are every bit as impressive as the 2005 coin

Not much different at all :)


That's kind of dissapointing :huh: .

That's the trade off for getting them out as fast as was done once someone decided to run with the project.


IGO took a vote and what you see won. While YOU may be dissapointed, the coin was made for Idaho. Everone else is just along for the ride. Most states follow this model and make coins for their members and then let others order.

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They are every bit as impressive as the 2005 coin

Not much different at all :unsure:


That's kind of dissapointing :( .

There were 1570 of these coins minted. The graphic on the obverse was redesigned, but the same dies as last year were used. They are not trackable, but many have been engraved with individual cachers names. This years theme focused on the Lewis and Clark and Oregon trails, both of which are rich in Idaho history.


As far as "not different enough" or "kind of dissapointing", That doesn't seem to bother the hundreds of cachers that have been emailing me since the orders closed wanting to sneak in an order (or 10). Our thought was, we had one of the most attractive coins in circulation, and for our first 2006 edition we wanted to keep the same basic design.


The majority of these coins will find their way into Geocaches, which is not only what they were designed for but it's also the primary reason many of the IGO cachers designed and purchased them in the first place. It was'nt designed as a "gee whiz" collectors edition with all the hoopla and gimmicks that often comes with many of the coins coming out these days.

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