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Camera For Cache Bag


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I've often wished I had a camera with me when caching but I don't want to carry aound my current camera in the cache bag. It's a bit heavy and also I don't want to trash it. What do you use for a caching camera? I'd like a small, durable, inexpensive digital camera that I can toss in my cache bag and not have to worry about it getting trashed. I don't need professional quality pics but I don't want garbage pics either.


Any recommendations?

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dollar-mart has semi disposal cameras for $20-$30. They hold very few pictures (10-20) and the resolution could be better. They are cheap, effective, and no big loss if you drop it in a creek.


Edit: dollar mart = k-mart/walmart/target/walgreen's/CVS/and a maybe even few grocery stores.

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What's your price range?


How many megapixels do you want?


If you want simple cache pictures to post on the web - anything over 3 megapixels is overkill.


The point is for it to be a disposable camera - if it falls in a puddle or gets banged up you shouldn't have a heart attack about trashing it and buying another one.

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You could also use your cell phone.  Those cachers with a Zire 71/72 could use that.

I don't have a cell phone - I freaking HATE phones! - but I have considered getting one specifically for caching. I've found myself in some places where I'd like to let somebody know where I was and where I figured if I got hurt I would really need to be able to contact someone. I hadn't considered a phone with a camera but I guess that many of them do have that capability. How are the pictures?

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I guess it depends on your definition of inexpensive, but I've been singing the praises of the Pentax Optio 43WR ever since I got mine. It's out of production now, but they are always on eBay. It has 4 megapixels, a 2.8x optical zoom, optical viewfinder, and it's waterPROOF. (In spite of the "water resistant" graphics on the front, it is water proof; it has a JIS Class 7 rating.) It has rubber corners to absorb impact. It is more likely to survive being dropped in a creek than about any other camera out there. I wear mine around my neck when I'm kayaking.



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I just got my hands on a Polaroid i832. 8MP (I can lower the resolution for GC pics.) Very small, and I've only had it for a few days but really like it.


It was $150 at Wally-world, normally $300.


The thing eats batteries like nothing I've seen before, so getting some rechargeable batteries is a must.

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Cell phone camera pics stink unless you shell out a lot of money (and then the camera/phone is fragile, and the pics still suck). BUT, I recommend having a cell phone with you while caching, especially if you cache alone more than .25 from the car. You can get a plan for 19.99 and a free phone at most dealers (and get a Nokia if you can as they are tougher - DO NOT get a motorola - very fragile, for the most part).


Anyway, I use a Canon Digial Elph, which I love for caching. Quality is very nice, it's very small and light, but at about $200, it may not be "disposable" (at least for me, anyway). My boyfriend uses a Fuji Finepix that cost about $100 - takes nice pics, a little bulkier than mione, but still light and nice for the cache bag.

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Cel phone pics aren't great, but they get better and better every year. I was playing with one at the Verizon store the other day that had a 1.3 mp camera with flash and used a mini SD card for easy transfer of pics. Certainly, that's not a great camera, but considering that I never forget my phone, but always forget the camera, its pretty good.

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PM'd you.  :unsure:


Nikon CoolPix 2500.  Cheap/Tough/Rechargeable!


I checked these out and they are indeed very affordable on e*** but...... it seems that they use a proprietary rechargeable battery and many if not most of the used ones for sale need a new battery which runs around $30. One of the reasons I'm a Garmin fan for my GPSr is that I can run it on AA batteries. I'd like to stick with units that all run on the same type of power. If I'm going to spend $40 - $50 plus shipping for a used camera and then have to spend another $30 plus shipping for a battery I might just as soon double the amount and get a new camera that uses AA batteries. It would also be a plus to get one that uses the same Smart Media that my current camera uses so I don't have to get a new card reader - I prefer to do that rather than use the camera's power to download directly to the computer.


Many thanks for the recommendation and the PM - it got me looking in other directions than I had been and thinking about more aspects of what it is I may or may not want. I really don't actually want to have anything else to lug along with me but I do seem to keep wishing I had a camera when caching.


Cache bag, GPSr, stick, glasses (they have to go off and on), now thinking of camera and cell phone. I may even need to get a mini recorder to play the Indiana Jones song when setting out. :( Sheesh, where's my Batman utility belt?

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