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  1. I have a cache that is a coffee can. its a hard one to find but its very well hide. last hunting season some idiot shot it with a shotgun, the log book is soaked ( even though it was in a zip-lock bag) anyway, I need to replace it, from all of your feedback I should be able to think up an answer...so I need to know which is better, metal or plastic coffee cans? thank you,------------------->codeman3
  2. I know I am blocked by a couple people, but hey, who cares, I dont need friends, dont have em' dont need em'
  3. I dont see how that connects with a PM thinking their intitled to something just because they are a PM?? If I am understanding right, your saying that he is a bad PM cacher, but a good person outside of GC??
  4. Im in high school, and your actuall talking to me now, or is that just here, and not on chat?
  5. its like high school, if someone you know slips up once, every gets in trouble, its always like that, even the real world, I hated it, I still do, but its just how the world works, and now I see how everyone blams one rotten apple on the tree. its also like, anything, off the top of my head, one doctor in a hospital, scres up on a surgury because he was under the influence, then, the whole hospital gets sewed, am I right?
  6. I don't understand how a single encounter with a rude person who happens to be a premium member would even remotely cause you to believe that the behavior might be rampant among premium members, or give you reason to reconsider becoming one. Do you really think the act of paying $30 turns someone into a rude, inconsiderate person? A rude and inconsiderate person will be rude and inconsiderate regardless if they pay money to a silly website. What will you do if you happen if you run into a rude isrespectful, ignorant, and just plan old selfishness regular member? Become a PM
  7. I havn't really seen it anytwhere else, its just, if this what ever you wanna call it continues................
  8. the behavoir of thinking your better then everyone else because you pay 30$ of your hard earned money a month
  9. Don't let it get to you. There are jerks everywhere you go. Become a PM if you think the bennies are worth $30 a year. I just dont want to be in the POSSIBLE "bad crowd" if this really does continue, which I hope and pray it will not
  10. not that this one pm screw up, affects totally how I feel about pm's, but I was close to becomeing a pm. but if this rudness, disrespectful,ignorent, and just plan old selfishness behavior, and aggression continues, I may have to rethink the whole pm decision. (spelling?) sorry ---------------->codeman
  11. actually it wasn't out of his/her hands, it was in the ammo box, which was in the non-preminm's hands
  12. they discussed over the TB when the premium member took it, they tried to "talk it out"
  13. I recently have had a conversation with a fellow cacher, a non-premium member, and he/ or she had been talking to a premium member at a cache that they had found at the same time, and the story this " no name cacher" told me, made my blood boil. the non premium cacher was out for a second cache, he/she was new to the game/sport, and because of that he/she was taken advantage of. the story gos like this, he/she was out looking for a cache, and found it, right around the same time, another cacher, a premium member, found the exact same time. The non-premium (who was there first) was scanning through the cache ( a ammo box) when he/she saw there first travel bug, just then the premium member, snatched it out of the box, and to make a long story short, used the excuse of being a premium as being the one who was "supposed, and intitled to" take the bug. To me that is not right at all, I would not have been happy if the cacher was me, not only did the non premium member not get the bug, he thought the premium member was telling him the truth!!!! now, I know alot of cachers, premium, non-premium, and to me we/they are all the same in person, no one is better then everyone else, or has that changed? this is a true story, and I did not use names, so it didn't accuse any one, or hurt anyone. thank you --------------------> codeman
  14. hey, did you know when its wet out, and a rattlers rattles are wet, you cant hear them, they are rattling but because of what the rattles are made of, it takes all the sound out and you cant hear them!!
  15. I cant log in from my new computer, what do I need, java what?? what version ahhkhriohithioh5btio5hybioyhb thanks -------------------------------->codeman
  16. could you put it in an oversized ziplock container?
  17. definately sand it down and spray it with primer before you start doing anything else or it will look like crap
  18. I got it too work it just took forever thank you all
  19. Nope I have java and am on the chat all time alright today it just doesn't want me on
  20. well, I click on the Icon from the forums, and it comes up like a background like in the chat with no words and its blank like that
  21. Why cant I enter the chat for clayjar????????????????
  22. Id like to get my hands on this guy while he is trying to steal a cache Ill tell ya
  23. Rats! Didn't read the whole thread....share? Sorry to admit it guys but she was at my house 3 minutes ago and just left
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