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I go down to the local trophy shop and get a small ftf trophy made up. Our local ftf competitiors around here really like them. It's something they can add to their collections. Here is a pic of one for my "Looks Greek to me" cache. I had it printed in Greek fonts to match the theme of the cache. The one pictured cost about $6 bucks, if I remember right.



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We want to make our own cache in a very special spot to us. I've been reading about FTF prizes but need some ideas. be willing to spent up to $10......anyone????

Ten Dollar Bills work great. :lol:


Gift cads to restaurants are good too. Or maybe something from the Groundspeak shop.



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For my first (and so far only) cache I had 3 FTF prizes, for different categories of finders:


1. Adult - $10 gift certificate to local Army-Navy Surplus, enough for 2 ammocans.

2. Kids - package of cool kid's swag and a PaNoWeGe kid's wooden nickel.

3. TUS FTF - That special FTF prize for the Tiresome Usual Suspects, Seattle's dedicated FTF hunters. It is ... well, special, and is meant to be rehidden in a new Seattle cache for yet another FTF hunt. It's had two holders so far, and I hope that it will be re-hidden soon.


Team Maccabee

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I think coins (geocoins or otherwise) make great FTF prizes. They have a high perceived (and sometimes real) value. I hid a cache that marks a historic event which took place in 1881, so the FTF prize was an 1881 Morgan dollar. I also included a #1 ribbon I picked up at a dollar store. I'll be placing some more caches in the spring, and at least one of them will have an unactivated '06 PA geocoin.

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Lovely old silver coins. In circulated condition in rolls, they're only worth about the price of the silver. So that's, like, three or four bucks for a big ol' Walking Liberty Half. If you've never held one in your hand, it feels like deadly serious money.


I snagged one FTF in my whole caching career, and I got a blue squishy frog. I was such a newbie, though, I thought it was keen.

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