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My memory is horrid, so I was wondering if anyone out there carrys a journal of their caches they find with them?


Is there a place that makes them for us to keep a record of our caches? I am rather lazy and prefer to buy one preset up (not really lazy per se, but rather too little time in my life to make one, though if there is no such one I would be more then willing to create one for others to use! as I have ideas for one!)...



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Before I went paperless I used to carry a small notebook with me to jot notes. Nothing fancy like a journal, but somewhere that I could write the name of the cache, trades, and any interesting notes about the journey. Otherwise when doing several caches in a day I'd get mixed up about what I traded where, or forget about the cute little fawn we saw until after posting the online log. The notebook helped with that, but wasn't meant to be a keepsake journal or anything. Now with a pda and cachemate, which has a log screen all set up, it is much easier.

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I just use the logs on this website for my detailed journal. I generally don't hunt more than one or two caches at a time and I log as soon as I get home, so my memory is fresh.


On the rare occassions when I hunt a bunch of caches in one day, I take notes on whatever piece of paper I can find, or I use Cachemate and leave a few words in the Took/Left section to remember the cafche with.

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I like the idea of having a journal with me while I'm caching. That way I can sit back and relax and write down stuff without having to try and remember everything later. I've been carrying around just a little notebook, but it really isn't what I've been looking for.


Lately I've been playing around with some journal pages that can cover geocaches, travel bugs, letterboxing, Waymarking, and benchmarks. I figure if I print these log-sheets out and put them in a small binder along with cache pages I can be ready for when my GPS beeps at me.


Then I can fill them out on site or shortly thereafter and then use them to remember things for the online logs. I also just like the idea of keeping a paper log of things (I'm going to anyway because it's a pain to put letterbox stamps on a computer screen, really messes thing up). So if I'm going to keep a paper log of one thing, I figure I might as well keep a paper log of everything (overdoing it? maybe).


I've built the journal, but have no idea how to post a word doc on the forum here... if anyone wants the word doc to see, keep and/or modify, let me know and I can email it to you. Or if someone can tell me how to post a word doc I'll be happy to post it.

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I use a journal. I basically got one "Rite in the rain" Logbook from the Groundspeak store, and carry it with me in a ziplock bag with a pen. I log each find, adding in other stuff such as what I left/took, etc. If I'm visiting a park or the like that has a brochure/map or the like, I keep one as a keepsake as well.


I did this particually because I got into Letterboxing at the same time and for that got an unlined, hardbound sketchbook to keep my stamps in. So getting a journal to keep a record of my GC finds seemed a natural for me.


Yes, I also log all my finds on-line at GC.com, but I like having my logbook/journal as well.

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wow, thank you so much for all the insight and options.


I have such bad memory, I think I would need one to remember things(no short term at all, thanks dyslexia!)


I would love to see a copy of the log you created Hako!


I also like the idea of keeping flyers and such found there. I guess since I want my daughter to be a part of it and she is only 5, I want to document it for her in the future And I love to have things in hand to look at on rainy days and such!


I am a sentimental fool!


Hako, if you could email it to me?


stella DOT blue AT gmail DOT com


Thank you all!

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I always take a printout of the cache, right my notes on that and then keep thoses in a large 3 ring binder.

I do the same except for the binder. I print the cache pages (using the new .pdf format now). When I go hunting I sort them in the order I think I'll come to them and put them in a pocket folder FOLDER.gif.

I write my notes about the cache on the backs of the appropriate cache pages, and move them to the other pocket as I finish a cache. When I get home I use these notes to write my logs then they go in the trash. If I want to know which caches I've found I use a Pocket Query in GSAK. Maybe I should say if I ever wanted to know which caches . . ., because I never have so far.

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I just carry a small spiral notebook that fits in my back pocket or in my cache bag. I note the date, the cache name, any trades, and anything interesting and then log it when I get home. Otherwise I'd get all mixed up. I don't bother noting it in my Palm - it's much easier for me to do it in the notebook.

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Many good ideas here and it appears we all have different needs. I, too, use the GC website logs to write my thoughts on each cache. Used to write this down on the printouts; but, now that I'm "paperless," that no longer works. I usually cache in one geographic area at a time so I just print out a Mapsource map at a scale that shows all caches or sometimes use a GoogleEarth map. Short note go next to the cache on the map, longer notes on the bottom or back. Works for me, good luck on whatever works for you.

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The more I look at all of this the more I like the idea of bringing a journal with me. I know a lot of people only use the online log which is great if all you do is geocache... however the more I look at letterboxing (and the now archived Waymarking) the more I know that I need to keep a journal so I can track it all. Letterboxing may not use the technology of Geocaching, but I feel that it is essentially the same thing.


I'm planning my first cache as we speak... I'm thinking that the majority of caches that I place are going to be letterbox hybrids. I'm also planning on leaving clues in these that lead only to other letterboxes that will be listed on Letterboxing.org.


Not sure when I start placing caches... I'll be moving in the next couple of months and don't know if I should start putting caches out only to abandon them, or put them up for adoption. I'll have to think about that.


Anyway.... back on topic. If you do more than just geocaching and want a consolidated place to log all of your finds (geocaches, letterboxes, waymarks, benchmarks, and anything that might be out there) than an journal is a good way to go.

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Wow, thanks everyone! And here I thought by the first few responses I was crazy and overly anal for wanting to document and such!


What wonderful ideas and ways to keep tabs.


I still have yet to afford the garmin I want (vista c, but now I think I may wait the week and see the CX as it is only going to be 50 more dollars anyway!)

BUT I think I was able to use google earth to narrow down a few caches, so later today my daughter and I will head out and try to locate 2-3 with no gps....


I will document them though!


Thanks again for all the input!

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I really like the Rite in the Rain Notebooks from the Groundpeak Store.

(Hey do I get and endorsement fee for this)

Rite in the Rain make all types of field notebooks. I am sure one would suit your desire.

I use the same notebooks. They're also handing for figuring out puzzle caches where you need to write stuff down. And they're amazing in the rain.

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P.S. don't forget to take a pen/pencil with you to cache, sometimes the ones supplied may not work. And if you are anal then so are a lot of others too. ( pointing at self) I have logs from when I used to railfan: Eng #'s designation, eng type, you name it I did it,and I was a small time r.f.

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We always print out the cache pages for the day's caching, and while caching we write notes about what we left, where we found it etc etc. Some of them are very funny to read at a later date. After we get back I 3-hole punch them and put them in a binder.


We also take a digital camera on every outing and when I dump the photos onto the computer I name the folders Caching (and then the date) so they're easy to find later.



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Before I went paperless I carried one of those covered clipboards that you can get just about anywhere. This held my notebook and my pencil. It was also handy when we were geocaching in wet weather. Now I either put the notes into word on my pocket PC, or if the note is short enough enter it directly into my 60CS.

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