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Canoeing To Caches?

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There are at least two that I can think of down here, look on Dysdera profile - one is called Tiwep, the other only has one or two logs so IDing it will be easy.


Apart from that, you can run a PQ if you are a member that includes the attribute for canoes. This relies on the accuracy of ther cache though and the attributes haven't been around long so not all caches are up to spped.


Which inflatable Kayak? We have a Stearns, it's great, although we've only used it a few times - limited by very small children.

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I had thought about setting a series of 'islands' caches along the great ouse but never got round to it, I'd be interested to hear how the kayak is,we thought about getting one last year as a tender to our cruiser,a 10' dinghy is no good behind a boat that is only 7' wide so inflatable has to be the way to go.

But then again we only ever moor beside pubs :lol:

There are quite a few along the banks of the great ouse though,and you could navigate a lot quicker than us as you can go around the locks(I'm jealous!)

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One of my more heroic DNFs! In the south of France, only accessible by 3 hr kayak as it's in a deep gorge.


Temperature up in the high 30's, also involved a 30 ft rock scramble and prickly bushes all tackled in shorts to find it had been muggled. Not at all pleased.



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Canyon de Verdon? - Lovely place. Did not know about geocaching then though.

Ardeche near Vallon pont D'arc. Didn't know about caching the first 2 times we did the trip. Probably wouldn't have done it a third time if it wasn't for caching. Would have chosen a new river. But the thought of getting a cache on such a brilliant river was too much of a draw, which made the DNF even worse.


Also had a fairly bad capsize in some serious rapids and got caught under for a while, I was in a double with my youngest daughter and she doesn't like water much but she survived OK.


I managed to lose my wedding ring in the drama, but somehow my geocaching hat stayed on throughout.

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Behold my mighty vessel!!! ;)

We had a trial run with it yesterday up at Pontypool canal, it's fine up there where it's nice & flat, so will be very good for plodding round the Scottish lochs in the summertime! :P

Im not too sure about using it on a river though, as all it is is a dingy, & I have a real fear of it getting a puncture, lol! But it'll certainly do the job for what we want anyway.Besides...it only cost us £33!! :(

By the way Gollem....one of the caches (Heston Island)is mine...you must try & do it sometime, but give me a shout before you do! ;)



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...Accessable by canoe, & if so, how do I go about finding them?

Hubby has bought me an inflatable kayak for my birthday. Hopefully it will be delivered next week...it's actually quite big, it holds 2 people & is about 7ft long! :D

I'm dying to try it out, & would love to be able to bag a cache in it...so, anyone got any ideas?



hello Shep and Seren,

in the Southern Lake District there are a few canoeable caches. Where possible I am getting to them by canoe. So far

GCN9GA swallow and amazons

GCJH1W ling along lucky

GCGRFW Nautical but Nice

GC61NX Torver back common


GCQVGV St Herbert isle

GC9DFA Steel end

and the best one by canoe


GCQC6C The Screes <-- mine :-) 12 minutes by boat


Hopefully the next caches set by myself will be multi accessable, by boat or bike or horse or on foot. Have identified 7 possible sites.

If you are stopping off in Lakes on way past, get in touch for a joint aquatic cache hunt.


As for working out paddleablity, dunno ... I just plot on memory-map and look. I note others have avoided answering this point.

BTW I have surfed Severn Bore, but before GC invented!!

There is a smaller tidal bore in Morecambe bay which we regularly paddle, sometimes at night when bigger. Will have to set it up as earthcache.

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