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Garmin Color Etrex

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Ever since cracking the screen on my Magellnan Sportrak a few months, I've been looking into buying a new GPS.


Unfortunately, I don't have a whole lot of money to work with. I've been looking for something in the sub-$225 range for a GPS with similar features to my Sportrak Map, except more technologically advanced?


I had been looking at the Magellan eXplorist 210. At around $150, it's relatively affordable, and seems to be even better than the Sportrak I paid $200 for just a few years ago.


Anyway, that doesn't really matter anymore.


I was playing with my dad's new toy today, a Garmin 60c. I really fell in love with it. Not only the auto-routing, but the color screen, the easy transfer of waypoints using USB, it's really cool.


So I got to looking around and discovered the Garmin Legend Color was towards the higher end of my price ranger, and had many of the same features of the 60C if on a slightly smaller scale. Not only that, but I could use the CityNavigator software my dad already has to put maps on my GPS, instead of having to buy mapping software separately (which I'd have to do if I got anything else)


My dad's older GPS, before he got the 60C was the original Garmin Legend. Quite frankly, I didn't like it. My Magellan GPS didn't really have all the bells and whistles of the Garmin, but it always outperformed it in heavy tree cover.


Anyway, I'm looking for opinions on that particular model. Has the antenna improved from the original? Any comments or reviews would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the Legend C is the best value in Garmin's handheld line. It and the Vista C have new processors that redraw maps just as quickly as the 60CS'. You can find them for $200 at most GPS net retailers. My personal favorite is Offroute.com. And both have color screens.


If you get the backing plate that allows for handlebar mounting, you may be surprised to know the 60CS and Etrex's will interchange with the windshield, bean bag, and handlebar mounts.

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I have both the older b/w and newer color units and for what its worth...The color unit solidly out performs the b/w unit hands down. The screen re-draws are faster,auto-routing is great(with proper software),battery life doubles,and I hold a good lock in most heavy cover. I really like my color eTrex. I am sure you would really like it.

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I was doing my homework before providing santa w/ my wish list and after researching the Legend C, I was sold. Yeah the 60C has a bigger screen and more memory, but for what I will use it for, the Legend C will be fine.


But then I heard about the Legend CX. Seems like the same package, but with removable memory. So I got a rain check from santa and I'm just waiting until they're available.


That said, the price of the Legend C is dropping a bit, so you may be able to find a good deal. Perhaps look at froogle.com...


Good Luck!


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