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Geocoin Series Preference


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I have noticed that there are more and more "geocoin series" in the works. Is it common that those that get in on the 1st coin in the series are given preference on the subsequent coins, so they have a good chance at the whole series? Or, is it just the luck of the draw when the "sale" starts on each individual coin?


Just curious as to others thoughts?

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Of the two series coins I have purchased where a second coin is in the works, I was offered first shot at the next series. In one case, the coin was offered to me at the same price as public offering, but I didn't like the coin. The second one was offered at a lower price then the public offering and I liked the coin, so I bought several. So yeah, it seems like series coin sellers give preference to previous buyers.

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As the maker of a coin, it only seems fair to give first shot at those who purchased prior coins.


With the Yosemite coin, I gave prior purchasers the first shot and at a lower price. They commited for about 80% of the preorder and because of fallout probably will be 70-75% of the actual purchases.


It looks like I will have requests for about 50-100 more coins than I have available. For my next coin, I will likely include those that weren't able to purchase the last coin in the first shot.


As indicated by Showstop, no one is obligated ever to purchase subsequent coins, but it seems like a fair thing to do for those who have supported my efforts in the past.


Just my way of doing things. :anibad:

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We struggled with this very question on the Canine Coins.


We went back and forth between:

- Giving those that ordered the 1st edition the chance to pre-order the 2nd as a way to say thanks for ordering the first and to allow them to keep up on the series

- Opening it up to everybody so that more trading would go on and everybody had a fair shot


Like everything there is no way to make everybody happy as I'm sure there are other arguments for both options.


We ended up choosing the former so that everybody that bought the first would get the first chance at the second. Could have easily gone the other way, though.


I don't think anybody is obgligated to do it this way. Either way makes it possible for people to get the full series (either via purchase or trade).

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