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I will be getting a laptop for Xmas (wife says I've been good :unsure: ) and I need some help on hooking laptop to my Garmin Venture. I have the cable but I think I also need some mapping software on my laptop?? I assume any mapping software will do? I'm open to suggestions on what mapping software anyone recommends.

Please keep answers sort of 'low-tech'....I'm still learning this 'stuff'. :P Or, do I need to go somewhere else to find out?


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If you are talking about displaying your position on a map while navigating in your car then Microsoft Streets & Trips is a good one for basic viewing only (no autorouting).

A good combination to have autorouting on your laptop is Garmin's City Select maps (pricey) along with their Nroute (free download). You would create the autoroute using CS and Nroute will guide you along it with voice prompts.

To do this you will probably need a serial to USB adapter in order to connect with your present cable.


Good luck, Olar

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I have a laptop for caching as well. I highly recommend having a few programs on it just to keep your caching experiance happy.


GSAK - Keep a database of many caches. my GPS only has a 500 limit, this program has 5000 or even more that I can choose from and transfer to my GPS on the road.


Google Earth - It's good, however unless you have the pro version you can't hook your GPS up to it.


USAPhotomaps - Good arial photography, and it's free


Netstumbler - For you're wireless so you can check to see if that starbucks has free internet service as your drivin down the road for quick and easy logging. (well I recommend stopping and sitting down...) Alot of coffee shops do offer free wi-fi nowadays.


Garmin Mapsource - Allows transfer of different mapsets to GPS on the fly.


Delorme Street atlas 2006 deluxe - (Standard works too) Help routing and uploading of waypoints for a mapview of them.


Now a few of the programs in the list here will need to be purchased, but I think it's money well spent to be paperless and have everything you need sitting right next to you on your passenger seat. Havin any problems, drop a line, we'll help ya out.

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I use Delorme with my laptop as well and it is a pretty cool setup. Even though your GPSr may not have mapping capabilities of it's own, you can still use it with the software to download/upload waypoints and i believe, track your position in real time on the laptop. Both the Topo USA and Street Atlas versions of the software work great, but of course the Street Atlas version is more detailed with roads and such. Have fun! B)

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I try and keep it lo-tech also. Would have to recommend GSAK, a great database management tool to maintain and update all of your caches. I also use Micro$oft streets and trips. GSAK will export a file that I can put in to MSS&T and see all of my target caches. I can also plan a route for the day to get me to those caches.


You can also buy MSS&T now with a GPS and take your laptop on the road to track where you are, but others will have to chime in on that aspect, I just use my GPSr's.


edit: becus i tipe like a moron

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Depends on what you're looking for. If you want to load/edit/save the data on your laptop for you waypoints, buy the mapping software from Garmin (I think they call it Mapsource or something like that). This solution is generally not cheap, but it works quiet well.


If you're looking for something cheap and want to show youself on a map, use USAPhotomaps, which is shareware and usable in the field without a Internet connection - provided you download the maps of the area you are planning to go ahead of time. Google Earth requires you to pay if you their software to work with a GPS (otherwise it is free) and requires an Internet connection to use.


World Wind is good as well - it is like Google Earth, but doesn't have markers however it's 3D rendering is much better than Google Earth and they have different data sets to use. I have four software package on my laptop use each for what they do best. Google Earth, USAPhotomaps, World Wind, and the one that came with my GPS.

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My Dell 700m laptop (equipped with a Broadband Air Card) has: GSAK, GoogleEarthPlus, Expert GPS, RoboGeo v3.0, Mapsource, CitiSelect v7, Garmin Topo, and DeLorme Topo 5.0 loaded onto it. Seldom have had use for more than a couple of programs at a time, but nice to have it along. Away from the truck on the trail I just use the 60cs and a Dell Axim X51v.

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Hey all


Thanks for all of the great responses. You really overwhelmed me with choices... ;)

Are any of you familiar with the Garmin 18, which is the GPSr for laptops? and also, the nRoute software? Any comments? Is this a complete system?...in other words, does the unit come with software that is ready to download on your laptop and use when you are on the highway?



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