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  1. Just got he email from GPS City my 600 has shipped.
  2. Just sold my 60csx and eTrex 30 on ebay... Ordered a Oregon 600. Now the wait
  3. Need more info. What version of Windows and what browser are you using?
  4. Thanks. I used to get updates from Garmin via a RSS feed. It appears that feed is broken or no longer updated.
  5. it seems as if Garmin has stopped all firmware development / fixes? Does anyone have any info? I have not seen any updates come out since mid November.
  6. Read this.... http://gpstracklog.com/buyers-guides/gps-for-geocachers
  7. The best free topo maps. Here Go for the "California Topo 2011" and "My Trails - High Quality Trail and POI Map"
  8. No case at all. My eTrex 30 is carried in hand or clipped on my pack or belt loop via a carabiner.
  9. This feature has been around for a long time. I had it set on my first 60cs.
  10. You can also use an iPhone with an adapter and GeoBeacon app. Thread here
  11. Yes, it's fairly simple to enter a waypoint in MotionX-GPS. Menu > Waypoints > New Wypt > (then 5 options) Enter Address Current Location Use Tap Tap tool on map Enter Lat/Lon Enter Range/Bearing I've only used the app a couple of times. It works.
  12. Macros that are abandoned or no longer supported by the developer eventually get removed. Check out this thread Try this Macro for your Nuvi
  13. I have an eTrex 30. I picked it for it's size and features. I've been running the beta 2.87 firmware since it was released. It has improved the unit to where I'm real happy with it. I certainly cannot say I was happy on the early firmware. I avoided the touch screens. I tried a friends Oregon last year in the winter and had to remove my gloves to get the touch screen to respond correctly. The buttons are easy to use on the eTrex, even with gloves. I use Topo maps that are free from, GPS File Depot
  14. Consider the Garmin eTrex 20 or 30. Both are in your budget. I went for a cache this morning with my Etrex 30, heavy cloud cover, rain and fog. Turned on the unit and picked up the Sat's in about 15-20 seconds. Accuracy down to 15 ft. within less than a minute.
  15. Can the contents of an SD card be loaded into memory? That would free up the SD slot for another set of maps on another SD card. Like others said, get a large card. Download free maps from GPS File Depot (they have really good Topo maps) or Open Street Maps here Load as many as you want that will fit. Drop them in Garmin directory of the uSD card.
  16. Yes GSAK does this well, but the no software method is correct the coordinates directly on the Geocahing page of the Puzzle/Mystery cache. There is an icon of pencil next to the coordinates. Click and enter your corrected coordinates. When you download your Pocket Query you will receive the corrected coordinates.
  17. I found an old jar of Thyme... Just trying to wrap my head around the thought process for bringing this along.
  18. If you want to stop navigating and not log the cache as found. Go back to Main Menu page. Select Where To and then Stop Navigation. If you want to log the cache as found. Assuming your are on the map page or compass page. Hit Menu > View Geocache > Log Attempt and then you'll have choices, Found , Did not Find, Needs Repair, Unattempted. After your selection you will be prompted Find next closest or Done. Selecting Done will stop all navigation.
  19. Make sure under Setup > Tracks > TrackLog is set to "Record, Show on Map" FYI.... Check out GPS File Depot it has more detailed free topo maps.
  20. Generally the latest firmware is the most stable. Not always, but usually. The GPS and Technology forum is the best place for these questions and you can search for your subject. More than likely the topic has been covered. I run a Mac as well and have not found anything that can come close to GSAK. I now have Windows 7 on my Mac as well using Bootcamp so I can use GSAK. I've been able to run GSAK using VMware, but could never get the GPS to connect correctly and consistently, so I finally set up a Windows version in Bootcamp.
  21. Thank you so much for responding to my post. Here's another thing that I don't quite understand and I'm hoping you can address it for me. It seems like the gps coordinates are split into tracks and I'm guessing that's because there were too many for it to handle. Is it possible for me to sort the coordinates by time from all of the tracks/sessions so that I can easily locate the coordinates that I'm looking for? Does that make any sense? It seems like a mess and I'm a bit confused by it. Once you receive your data from your GPS into Basecamp... You will see your GPS in Basecamp on the top left pane. Click on the internal storage folder under the GPS. All of the data will appear in the bottom left window. Scroll to the bottom. The tracks will there. Click on one and right click. Choose show on map. The track will show on the map and will have a label. Click on that label. the properties of the entire track will show with all of the data. Every point collected with dates and times. You can also edit the track and delete points that are no good etc. Select a point in the track and right click it. you will have options for delete etc. Make a track at home and play around with it.
  22. open the Geocache icon, a list of caches will appear. The caches that are closest appear first. Select menu, choose Spell Search. Assuming you know the name of the cache your want to view, enter it. It will come to the top of the list. Select it. It will show the cache and it's location on the map.
  23. Not too embarrassing for me but.... I was caching in a nature preserve. During the weekdays it does not get many visitors. I had just replaced the cache and was off the trail by 15 feet or so and was leaning up against a tree looking at my GPS for the route I would take to the cache when I heard someone coming up the hill below me on the trail. It had started as very cool morning, but had warmed up quickly. A very attractive woman is hiking up the trail and stops near the top of the hill about 30 feet from me. She clearly did not see me, because stopped and pulled off her fleece and proceeded to remove her sweatshirt which she had nothing on underneath. She then replaced her fleece, tied the sweatshirt around her waste and started to hike again. At that time, I said, "hello". She turned bright red and I'm sure I did as well. She just paused.... and said, "Isn't it a beautiful morning?" I just smiled and said, "Yes, yes it is!"
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