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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Day Of Caching?


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I was caching this afternoon in a beautiful, isolated park, great cache, nice hides, but oh what I time I had!! On the way to the final, I tried to take a short cut. Didn't realize that that "field" was an almost dry swamp! Sank in up to my knees! I got the left shoe out, but the other is making it's way to the bottom. (I left the left shoe sitting on a log as a warning to those who follow!!) I decided to carry on in my stocking feet!


Then, when I was about 70 feet from the cache, I was looking under some brush and got poked in the face w/ some branches. A few minutes later, I tried to check my GPS and couldn't see it! Turned out the poke had knocked my glasses off! I crawled around for quite a while trying to find them then gave up.


I had been congratulating myself on remembering to mark the car before I left so I would be able to find my way back. Well...here I am with wet cold feet, exhausted and lost cause I can't see my GPS!!


I took one last stab at the cache, and would you believe I found it!!!


I started making my way back to the car. I ended up having to prop the GPS on logs, etc. to get it far enough away to just barely read! I went the wrong way several times and had to back track cause I couldn't see the arrow!!


But, I finally made it and lived to tell about it! lol Some want to reminded me why I took up this hobby?

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Sure there is such a thing...a few weeks ago I tried to take my14 yr old nephew along to introduce him to the sport. I had just gotten a new gpsr and thought about giving him my old one. Well, come to find out he #1 didn't want to go into the woods. ever. because of the spiders. #2 didnt' want to look for anything where there might be spiders. #3 actually sat in the car listening to his cd player during a couple of stops. We hardly found half of the caches we went looking for and once we got close to the end of the day I was barely spending 10 seconds looking because I just wanted to go home. It was irritating, but luckily we(my hubby, daughter and I)went out again the next day to get back in the "spirit" and I know better than to take a certain person out again.


BTW, I gave the old gpsr to my 6yr old daughter instead! :o

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I have a pair of sneakers that I had to pull out of the rich, black loam of a Northern Ireland bog and a few months later out of a Louisiana bayou. (I don't take hiking boots on business trips, but maybe I should start.) When I have these adventures I'm cursing and complaining about my luck and stupidity. But by the time I get back to the hotel, shower off the mud, and do my best to clean my shoes and clothes in the bathtub, I realize how funny it all was, and that these will be some of my fondest caching memories. At least you won't forget about this adventure!

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A couple of weekends ago I did a series of tradtionals. I used the bike to get to each one faster. The last one looked pretty easy. When I got there, I was all fenced up. Finally I found a small old logging path which was in pretty bad shape. It had rainded for days and it was all wet and muddy. Needless to say that I looked like a pig. You could hardly drive the bike, most of the time I had to push it. When I thought the path got better, I jumped on the bike again. I oversaw a ditch though, the bike came to an immediate stop in the mud and I flew right in the mud. Now I really looked like a mud wrestler.

At the end of the path I discovered a nice paved road leading to the cache from the other side. Brand new and not in the map. And I did not find the cache because of bad sat reception with an EPE of 30m. Now that was definitely a bad day of caching.

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Ya, it could have been worse, I could be nearsighted and not been able to drive home! (I got old eyes and can't see close up, faraway is find!)


he #1 didn't want to go into the woods. ever. because of the spiders. #2 didnt' want to look for anything where there might be spiders.


LOL good thing he hadn't been along w/ me yesterday!!


Thanks for the encouraging words and funny stories! I'm not sour on caching at all. In fact, the shoes were very old, and I needed a stronger prescription for my glasses anyway!! I'm just not sure how I'm gonna mark all those student's papers tomorrow when I can't read em!! Maybe einie meanie minie moe?

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My events aren't bad, but not good either. I recently found a multi where the final stage had bad coords. They had me searching in poison ivy and thorns. I came out unscathed and found the cache, which turned out to be a rather smashed and dirty piece of GladWare.


Then there was the time I was scouting out a place to hide a cache. I was checking out a park adjacent to a cemetery. You had to drive through and park in the cemetery to reach the park. Well, I drove in at around 4:35PM. Turned out the cemetery closed at 4:30. They just hadn't gotten around to closing the gate and I didn't see the sign with the cemetery hours. I couldn't find any good hiding spots in the park, so I walked back to the car and went to leave. I got to the gate and saw it was closed and locked. I then tried another gate. It was closed too. Fortunately a policeman was parked there running his radar on speeders. I got his attention and explained my predicament. I was locked in the cemetery. The cemetery was city-owned so he was able to get someone out there in 10 minutes who opened the cemetery and I was able to get out. For this reason I won't place a cache in that park, since it's only accessible thru the cemetery and I don't want anyone else to get locked in.

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