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  1. There are a number of decent hikes into the maritime forest at Nags Head. Do a search around Nags Head and they should show up. Its a really nice environment.
  2. Run PQ Load info into GPS and PDA Use auto-routing to get me to cache. Curse auto-routing for dumping me in the middle of a sub-development. Backtrack to find the park.
  3. I know where I'm going, if I could just see the road.
  4. I like most folks enjoy reading a great log entry for any cache I hide, but the reality is I hid the cache because I wanted to. Some I hid because I enjoyed the spot, some because I wanted to experiment with a hiding technique, and some just because I wanted to hide something. How a finder chooses to log a find on the cache is irrelevant to me. Hopefully they had a good time finding the cache, hopefully they got a bit of exercise, hopefully they found a reason to smile on the trip. They can log it "TNLN", cut and paste the entry "1 of 500 finds for the day", or write a sequel to a book. The fact they actually visited a spot I wanted someone to visit is all that is important to me.
  5. It usually is determined by the make up of the group. If kids are along I'll always move away and let them make the find. If its a group of adults most often someone shouts out when they've found it. The corollary to any hunt is if the container or hiding method is unusual, unique, or one of those "need to see" hides, walk away and allow others the same thrill.
  6. Wave the GPS. They either know at that point you're a geocacher, or think you're a nutcase scanning them with who knows what.
  7. Dr. Fred had hidden one in this area where the statue "pointed" toward the final cache location. Unfortunately, vandals decided to amputate the statue.
  8. There are tons of great memories from GW4. 1. Seeing and meeting friends both old and new. Funny how no one ever looks the way you pictured them. 2. The group migrations from cache to cache where the journey and conversations were much more important than the find. 3. Exploring the DFW area. 4. The mentioned bridge hike and finding other cachers already there. (Then getting a chance to talk to the owners of these caches and tell them what a great time we had) 5. Driving up on the Northern CA cachers late at night and getting an 11 person DNF. 6. Explaining to a police officer there was no reason for concern after lifting a lampskirt in a bank parking lot at 1am. (We may have another convert) 7. Bonnie & Clyde. 8. Forth Worth at night. 9. Seeing all of Snoogans caches spread on the table Friday afternoon. 10. Learning what cottonwood trees are, and finding out that texas trees bite. 11. The tarantula. 12. BBQ
  9. We were vacationing in the Lancaster PA area a couple of years ago and decided to tour an old pretzel factory. After the tour we got back in the car and fired up the GPS. Nearest cache, 70 feet. Right at the front door of the pretzel factory.
  10. I was looking for one near where a homeless resident had set up camp a couple of years ago. I didn't realize he was there until after I had examined several trees. He spoke up and asked if I was a cop. Told him the city had sent me out to count the catepillars in the trees. He declined my invitation to help with the count.
  11. I was the LTF on this fantastic hide by Sissy & CR Old Santee Canal Park - Heron . For the life of me can't think of anything I did to compromise the cache location. Found it early in the morning without a muggle in sight. This cache was tough and really took some work to get to so it seems unlikely it was accidently found. It was well secured so I can't imagine it dislodged from its location. In any case I guess its human nature but you always question if there was anything you did that could have led to its discovery. I am glad Sissy chose to replace it because it is a great location for a cache.
  12. I was doing a bit of of tracing some caches using the GC maps and noticed that earth caches don't seem to be an included category to show up in the maps. Is this by design or did I miss the checkbox for them somewhere?
  13. 0 - 10 5 archived, 50% 11 - 20 2 archived, 20% 21 - 30 4 archived, 40% 31 - 40 9 archived, 90% 41 - 50 3 archinve, 30% 46% of first 50 finds have been archived.
  14. This may have already been asked but i couldn' find it via search. Is there any way to have an option in the PQ to exclude caches that are being ignored?
  15. If the target is urban playground caches. I'll go for 40 degrees, steady drizzle, and a cold north wind.
  16. On the brightside you left both your shoes and glasses. Gotta call that trading up.
  17. My vote goes to RLDill's chili. Now that is great eating!
  18. I would think they would work best for hydro caches.
  19. Congratulations. Hope you celebrated by finding an APE this weekend.
  20. Great job. I'll have to vary my route to the coast next time to find them.
  21. I think its working. I read the thread yesterday morning and 3 DNF's later I'm cursing the curse.
  22. I've had to explain Geocaching to the police a few times. Civic Center View was the most memorable.
  23. Thus far the finds include: A pair of prescription eyeglasses A balloon released by an elementary school class A deer boneyard A homeless fellow who was quite nice once he determined I wasn't the police A variety of articles of clothing A stash of unopened beers
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