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  1. Just wave your hand and say..."We are not the cachers you are looking for."
  2. The Great Canadian TB race is 26 days away and there still time to send your entry. The prize pool is better with the help of GPS Central donating $250 in gift certificates and there is some geocaching loot as well. If you haven't already check out our site http://www.geocities.com/gctbrace06/
  3. Closing Topic - New Topic Here
  4. The Great Canadian Travel Bug race is starting to shape up and I just wanted to post the new site address. The new website is located here and also you can find a new race e-mail contact address (this one doesn't drop e-mails like the last one). I hope to see your tbs shortly.
  5. Yes I recieved your mail and it seems yahoo is bouncing most of my mail the only people that seem to get there mail through is our sponsor so just contact me through geocaching until the problem is fixed.
  6. Great News Our race has been sponsored Took a lot of work on my end mailing companies, but it has now paid off and will make the race prize pool better. I was away for a few days with work came home check my mail and to my surprise there was a reply from GPS Central saying that they'll sponsor us for $250. My idea is for first place - $125 second place - $75 third place - $50 will be adding there logo to site as a thank-you as soon as I receive permission from them.
  7. Well exciting news....today the first travel bug arrived for the race it was from Old Sailor and here is a link to his TB CGDS I will be updating the site tommorrow with his entry. I have also found 3-4 caches that can handle the race start and all are fairly close together. I created a computer program that will randomly select your travel bugs starting cache. Cant wait for other travels bugs arrive.
  8. Hope to see an OGA geocoin seems a little more Canadian to me! I Can't wait to hear more information.
  9. Alot of people sell at a low price but charge VERY high shipping to beat paying taxes. Uncle Sam doesn't collect taxes on shipping. The ebay fee structure is based on the final sales price as well. You couldn't pay ME to buy from this person. Well everyone was quick to mention that the sellers feedback was mostly generated on 23 Nov 05 look at the people how claimed they bought products you'll notice that this seems to be a ring (organized e-bay fraud) out of china.
  10. I was really excited about this coin until I saw the price in American dollars, doesn’t feel like a Canadian coin to me now.
  11. I made the race one year long now and will dropped the TB's in a few caches so the chances of being muggled off the start are lowwer.
  12. I will accept old travel bugs in extreme circumstances, it makes more work when calculating distance traveled. Any travel bug recovered from the 2004 race will accepted in this race.
  13. When can we order them?
  14. Made a clarification to rule #6 basicly if a cacher picks up your tb and plans to cache all day they cant log your tb at the ten caches they visit only the cache they drop your tb at.
  15. The idea is I will make one large drop of all the bugs in one central cache but will e-mail the owners to tell them to drop there bugs in the cache on 1 March 05 blackjack65 - Yes for travel bug races it is normal to mail the bugs, sometimes people hold events for the launch of a race but people still end up mailing them. So all travel bugs have a fair chance they will all be dropped in one large cache.
  16. The Great Canadian Travel Bug Race I have gained much interest in TB race so I decided to launch one of my own. So far the prizes are provided by me and if I manage to pick up a sponsor or two the prize pool will grow. Just want some feed back on the site and if you want to enter the race follow the website instructions. The Great Canadian Travel Bug Race
  17. I'll try to have it done Saturday or Sunday, been busy at work not a lot of time to work to the computer.
  18. Posted second side of coin.
  19. Well I haven't posted the other side yet but it has a lake with a loon in it so I think keep it clean will look good there. I will ask Groundspeak for permission to use logo on coin and will add trackable at Geocaching.com keep the ideas coming.
  20. Oh yeah....i'll be making a few snips then lol
  21. Ok I came up with a drawing for one side tell me what you think. Any suggestions are welcome. Will start working on side two. *** Removed a certain logo so I dont get sued will be putting something else in the middle of Ontario. *** I have added the other side but am stuck I have no idea of what to put in that open space any ideas?
  22. Ok so I was joking earlier but here is my serious idea; One side you have a outline of Ontario with the Geocaching symbol in the middle and a tracking number below it. On the other side you have a lake with a loon in it and on the backside of the lake you have pines trees on a rolling hillside and in the foreground of the lake you have a trillium. I’ll make a drawing and post it later.
  23. I think your doing a good SSS you reveiwed my waymarkers quickly even if it was just feedback on how to get it apporved.
  24. Ok I liked the video...hope you have the rights to the music
  25. Molson or Labatt? The age old debate. Both one in each hand just to make everyone happy
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