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Caching In Amsterdam

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I read this request in a dutch forum, and so here I am :rolleyes:


Amsterdam is trying to stay as accessible to wheelchairs as possible, But there's a limit to it.

In public transport, most busses and trams are not accessible for wheelchairs, although some new ones try to compensate for this.

Subway trains and stations are better equipped for wheelchairs, but don't expect to much fancy stuff.

Sidewalks are lowered on corners and pedestrian crossings.

Most public places and restaurants are accessible for wheelchairs and most of the time have toilets for handicapped people.


The city centre with it's canals can be a problem as sidewalks are really narrow or non-existent and bridges are steep.


That's about as much basic info I can give you, but if you have specific questions feel free to ask.


You can also try to find more information on www.iamsterdam.com

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I am also going to be Amsterdam soon, I will rate any caches that I manage to find on the http://www.handicaching.com web site, or drop me a line and I will tell you what I find.


Most of the caches are mystery caches, which is fine but can be hard to do when Dutch isn't my first language.


I have managed to solve one from help from the cache owner :rolleyes:


I have found a lot of the caches which are both languages, so still a few to complete.


Trads are all ok, unless you need to read the hints!! :P


Its not too bad for me, as I will be taking along my own translator "Kiwi Tulip-Margaret" <_<


See ya...Gary

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Nick, thanks so much for putting that in the Dutch forum, much appreciated.


I realised, I should have made it clear, I want to cache in Amsterdam, I shall be there for four days at the beginning of next month on my way home from Salzburg (where I am also hoping to do at least one cache).


I realise about the cobbled streets and such, in Amsterdam I shall be staying right beside Vondelpark, chosen specifically as I shall of course I'll be travelling with GeoDog and he needs grass ...


I shall be using my Power Trike, which is a trike attachment that goes onto the front of my wheelchair, so covering ground in streets and parks etc won't be a problem, I do run into difficulty with the trike on very steep hills and deep sand.


Amsterdam looks to have a few webcam caches so I might seek help with them too ... you have been warned!


So, if anyone has any suggestions about specific caches in Amsterdam, I'd love to hear them please. :rolleyes:

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Amsterdam Urban 1 GC198 in Vondlepark and might just be possible for you to get to ... though don't quote us on it as it has been moved since we visited.


Lang Parkeren? (GC9591) has, unfortunately, been removed - was easily the most unique cache we've ever seen, and is/was on the outside of Vondlepark, if you fancy some alternate site seeing it might be worth just going to look to see it the cache "container" is still there :mad::mad:


kunst in een boom in Amsterdam (GCH623) an nice easy virtual at the top-end of the Park, shouldn't be a problem to bag that one if all you can do is "leave your mark" in Amsterdam ... so to speak.

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I am also going to be Amsterdam soon, I will rate any caches that I manage to find on the http://www.handicaching.com web site, or drop me a line and I will tell you what I find.

Just selfishly bumping this thread... I should be stuck in Amsterdam myself shortly and was wondering if any of the recent visitors have any particular suggestions of what to miss/what not to miss! (Cache-wise of course!) :lol:




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Hi All,


We got back yesterday and had a great time despite the rain!!!


Amsterdam seems to have a lot of puzzle caches, which are hard to do without dutch. Check the pages of any you plan to do to see if English is included.


I was lucky as I had KiwiTulip along with me to translate the cache notes.


We found six caches and in regards to wheel chair access here is what we found: -


GC6EB6, Virtual Cache, Round 'n Round

This one is pretty good it’s south of Amsterdam, quite close to the airport. The 192 bus runs outside the tower. If you can get to site you should be fine.


GCMZE2, Puzzle Cache, Showdogs

This was great fun, quite close to a subway station. Wheel chair access shouldn't be a issue, its quite low so you would have to duck down. The puzzle was fun to get the final co-ordinates. Not sure about the subway station access.


GCJ0C8, Traditional Cache, 100 ASA

Quite close to the OOKMEER cache, and in a nice park with good footpaths. This should be no problem for wheelchair access.



Finding the clues is very accessible and should be a problem. The final hide involves some steep hills, which were very muddy when we did it; the cache is down a steep bank. I would say its would be very hard if not impossible on a wheel chair.


GC198,Traditional Cache,Amsterdam Urban 1

This was in Vondel Park, involves soon leaning over railings on a bridge. I would say it would be impossible from a wheel chair.


GCNJT1,Webcam Cache,'X' almost marks the spot

This could be an issue, as you have to stand in the middle of a busy road/tramway. I think the cache owner wouldn’t mind if you were on the roadside to claim this one. I would email them to check.


Wendy if need anymore info, email me and we can have a chat.


See ya....Gary (KiwiGary)

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