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Illinois Geocoin

Cav Scout

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Seems like everyone is making a geocoin of some type. There are personal geocoins, state geocoins, event geocoins, and even geocoins for Christmas!


I think its time to have a Illinois state geocoin made. I'm originally from Illinois and would like to see one made or get one if they exsist.


I have designed and started orders on two geocoins since I have been here in Iraq. I know its not to hard to get this idea going.

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Put me down for two. :unsure:

Nobody has offered to make the coin yet. I am willing to help out with a design. I really don't want to be the one collecting the money for this project. Any volunteers? I am thinking this may take about three people to do this task. I have a good coin maker in mind.

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While GC trackable coins are certainly nice... they do in fact add $1.50 PER coin to the price.  Are majority of the other state coins trackable or non-trackable?  I'm not much of a coin collector so I don't know.

Most of the recent state coins have been GC trackable, but I don't think it has much of an impact on whether or not the coins sell out. I'd take them either way.


I'm sure this isn't a complete list, but these are the coins produced (or soon to be) in the last few months that I can think of.


Trackable: Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico


Not Trackable (at GC): North Dakota, Washington, California, Indiana


I'm not sure about Iowa.

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Cool another State coin that I went Geocaching in.

I was most impressed with the rivers and forests there.


How about the Illinois state fish :ph34r:




I dont know to much about Illinois, or making coins

so back under the rock I go till it's time to order :lol:

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If you all would like I could go ahead and design a state geocoin for Illinois nad get production set up for the coin. I do not want to take on the task of collecting money and shipping the coin. I am in Iraq and already have my hands full here with the OIFGA coin. Anyone willing to help out?

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I'll stick my neck out here and say that GONIL will DEFINITELY be making a coin in the relative near future.

If they are going to make a Illinois state coin then they should mention something if possible. I am willing to start a design. This is something that is easy to do.

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