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  1. I've heard rumors that a group or two was working on one, and I think it sounds like fun. How does one get a coin made that is trackable on the gc.com website?
  2. Gratefulmike and NaviBear found their 400th cache this weekend. Congratulations to the scariest (costumed) geocachers around!
  3. Polgara, she is adorable! Does she like your jeep? She looks like a sweet little pal. This is only the second pointy-eared dog that I'm not afraid of. (Keetah, when I met her at the Scavenger Hunt, was the first.)
  4. Now you know why his sig items are spread far and wide. He found his 600th cache this weekend. Congratulations!
  5. We moved to Urbana in July. So far, we have not been very successful at finding Illinois caches without help, but we bake good cookies. Let us know if you ever want to get together for a group cache hunt!
  6. Or one in Illinois? It's fun when it's just the two of us, but we also like to go caching with others. Diggles & Liggles (Urbana, IL)
  7. I have just two more days of antibiotics and then I'm officially Lyme free! I saw two different doctors, and they each said that studies are reporting that you can get Lyme from a tick that's been in you for less than 18-36 hours. (Mine was only in for 8 hrs, but Diggles did a little squishing when he removed it.) They also said that the bull's eye rash is the classic symptom but not necessarily the most common in all regions. I, too, started treatment before waiting for test results. I hope your little geocacher, GentleWhisper, is already feeling better (and is less a baby about taking pills than I am!). I wonder if I can get Diggles to swathe me in mosquito netting and wheel me around? That sounds pretty good.
  8. Thanks, everyone! It sure is fun. Shout outs to Enfanta and Polgara for some awesome event caches, Salvelinus for long hikes along water, Deetylong for his 10% back rule and 22-step multi, 2 Old Snakes for making us a little less scared of rattlers, IV_Warrior for organizing central PA cachers, and especially rgbisme and true_indigo for their extreme kindness and generosity--and their fine elemental cache series. Central PA is worth a stop on anyone's route because of of the thought and care that these people and lots of others put into their caches. And thanks, Keystone Approver. You've been helpful, good humored, and ridiculously speedy. We'll miss this place! But before we go, there's a few more caches we need to find...
  9. Well done! And on top of 100 finds in less than 5 months, they've hidden some good ones, too. Congratulations!
  10. Congratulations, Deetylong! You've hidden many wonderful caches in central PA, and the variety and the abundance of your caches is part of what makes this area so fun. We enjoy reading your cache write-ups and your logs; they almost always have a good joke in them. Plus, your junior caching partner wears pink boots! What more can you ask from a cacher? You folks are great. Hope to see you around soon.
  11. We like it, too. It's good to have the totals back (our simple addition is sometimes shamefully bad), and we think the gallery is pretty slick, too. Thanks, gc.com!
  12. Thanks a bunch, gc.com. I'm glad the totals are back. (My addition is shamefully bad!) I think the photo gallery is pretty slick, too.
  13. It was by far the best Halloween that Diggles and I have ever had! Plus, we got home just as the costumed college kids were out, stumbling home after a hard night of not-studying. We had bets, though, about the artsy folk there dressing up, and no one did! This was an awesome cache and a beautiful time of year for doing it.
  14. Congratulations to some of the finest cachers we know! It's been a pleasure to accompany you on a few of those caches, and we hope to find some more with you soon. Other cachers: if you haven't visited their Elemental series of caches yet, go now! rbgisme and true_indigo have hidden some GREAT ones.
  15. I sent them a stern letter (well, e-mail), expressing my disgust and disappointment in their failure to honor their price. I got the "we're fixing it and we hope you don't hate us too much" letter back. Bah!
  16. What do you know? Diggles is a 10, and I'm a men's 8. I hope it works! We've been looking for new boots for a few months. Thanks for pointing this out.
  17. It's too bad about the cache! It sounded like a neat idea. I personally wouldn't care if my stats changed from a find in one category to another. In fact, I think I would prefer that to logging what is essentially the same cache twice. Hope to see you soon, Ce'Nedra!
  18. Thanks, you guys! It's been nice to meet you--sometimes in hot pursuit, sometimes at the world famous Scavenger Hunt, sometimes by pizza, upside down black beanie quesadeenies, or good old creamery ice cream. We could have done this a lot sooner, you know, if you weren't all such devilish hiders.
  19. Poor soggy little cache. It shall be missed. But it *did* go out with a bang, and I'm sure it enjoyed the ride home with MissJenn.
  20. Congratulations on 100! We had a good time meeting you at the teeny-meanies, and we hope to run into you again. Thanks for the lesson on snake behavior--but I'm still a little scared of them.
  21. Oh my. What is this mysterious world of posted messages? Congratulations, enfanta, on #100! All hail the PA Queen! I wish I had been around for more of them. Let's race to the top sometime soon.
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