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  1. I would like to suggest a new feature.... How about adding an option to an event cache to allow the owner to check a box to auto-archive the event after four weeks. Also, the feature could allow the time to be specified by the cache owner to allow longer if desired, but maybe have a max number of days of 60 or 90. I recently forgot about archiving an event and it would have been nice to have set the event cache to auto-archive after 30 days. Seems this should be the default, but maybe have an option to turn off the auto-archive for reasons that are not apparent to me now, but could arise. Just a thought and it sounds like folks would appreciate the new feature based on this forum topic. Thanks!
  2. Also, check for a local event cache and go meet some more cachers! Geocachers are a very friendly and fun bunch of folks... you will have a great time and will learn a lot just talking to more experiencde cachers. Happy Geocaching!
  3. Check out the Minnesota Geocaching Association website to find a local cacher to team up for some finds.... http://mngca.org/ Happy Geocaching!
  4. Looking forward to the events of the weekend! We will be camping at site #101.
  5. Hi! Morgue here. I live in Fishers and would be willing to help, if that would help. Same county, Hamilton, at least. Bill
  6. I don't think Indiana has any organized, official Geocaching club. Indiana is more like a loose federation of geocachers that do a lot of events. I belonged to Geocaching groups in Wisconsin and Iowa before moving to Indiana and was surprised we did not have an organization here. With that said, there are Spring and Fall picnics and everything just like having a club, but I am unaware of any organization or club. Is someone starts one, I will join!
  7. I started with a Legend and it is a great GPS. I eventually upgraded to a unit with street maps, but it is a solid unit and the small size is great for stowing in a pocket. You will want to invest in a serial to usb adapter... you can order one from Amazon for about $15, too. With the cable you can download the coordinates to the GPS and then with cache printouts head out for some caching fun. Enjoy!
  8. You should consider joining the Central Indiana Geocaching group on Google. Several active cachers in and around Indy are on the list and it would be a good resource for you as you restart Geocaching. Also, it is a good place to hear about events and all things Geocaching around Indy. http://groups.google.com/group/central-ind...eocachers?hl=en I will be free for a couple of hours early on Sunday morning, if you would like to go caching. Have to be home by 11am or the wife gets mad! Send me a message via Geocaching.com, if you are free and want to go.
  9. How about taking a train versus a cab? Take a look at the cache, LRT - Ft. Snelling, GC1B7GR. Looks like you could catc by rail from MSP! I have not done this, but it sure looks like fun!
  10. Morgue

    Hello All

    also, you may wish to join the Google group for Central Indiana Geocachers to keep up on the local happenings.... http://groups.google.com/group/central-ind...eocachers?hl=en
  11. Just did a Google search and found this.... http://shop.thecacheshack.com/product.sc?c...mp;productId=39
  12. just another vote for a "collection" feature!
  13. The browser favorite worked great! ....still would like the multiple "homes" for convenience.
  14. Do I have to go into each cache listing and bookmark it? Is there a way to bookmark all of the caches on the page results? Thanks!
  15. I would love to see the ability to have a way to have maybe three home coordinates to select from on the home coordinates page. I would use this feature to keep my actual home coordinates, the coordinates for the hotel where I am staying weeks at a time, and the third for other weekend trips, etc. Yes, I know I can do a pocket query, but what I really want to see is the convenience of jumping on the site and seeing what is close to me right now. I travel with my job for weeks at a time to a location, so that becomes my home away from home. Also, when we go away as a family that location becomes a third base of operations, while away from home. I can write down my coordinates and switch them as needed, but it sure would be nice to be able to switch and see if there are any new caches close to home or at close by the work hotel, or the location that we are going to next weekend! Thanks!
  16. Would you be free Sunday afternoon, say 3ish, for a little meet-n-greet in downtown Indy? ....or when would be a good time?
  17. ditto.... cannot login to GC.com
  18. Consider purchasing a Garmin Colorado, too. If you think you may become interested in the very new Wherigo adventures. http://www.Wherigo.com
  19. Learned about editting the lua file from Jeremy at the Wherigo / Colorado event at the Chicago Garmin store on Saturday. That technique makes development so much FASTER! Cool event! Thanks to Garmin and Groundspeak! Just wanted to add that editting the file works great, but make a backup before starting.... EACH CHANGE. I added a lot of modifications and then could not figure out what I did wrong, so I had to go back to a much earlier version and start over. Good lesson, but a bit painful. With that said, editting the lua is definitely the way to go!
  20. I see that there are four activity types, but was wondering how they differ and if they present different options while building a cartridge. Puzzle TourGuide Geocache Fiction I have been working on a Puzzle, but got to thinking maybe I am "really" working on a Fiction, since I am working around a story line. Are there any definitions?
  21. Great question! I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for posting it and confirming it.
  22. I'm glad I checked here! I was about to go crazy trying to make a task event work. It seemed right, but just did not work. Will be watching for the next release! THANK YOU!
  23. I bought a serial to USB adapter for use with my eTrex Legend cable and have been very happy with it. I bought a cheap one on Ebay via an auction, but I am sure one could be picked up locally from a computer supply house, too. Morgue
  24. Living in Iowa and working in Illinois, I am interested in postings in both states, but the current organization on regionla topics just does not work for me. While I am always interested in Geocaching news.... what is happening in Ohio is of little relevance since it is so far away. (No disrespect to the folks from the great state of Ohio, just making a geographical point.) Could the Forums be divided by State? Would anyone else like to see this happen?
  25. Do the Signal geocoins have a unique icon on Geocaching.com?
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