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Tools For Geocaching?


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Compass - to shoot a bearing from about 60 feet away

Mirror - handy for looking under things

Flashlight - for peering into dark spots

Walking stick - for hiking and for poking around in places that I'm wary of putting my hands


Plus a bunch of other stuff like first aid gear, camera, cell phone, sun screen, bug spray, tissues, whistle, space blanket, swag, extra zip lock bags, power bars, etc., etc.

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The two things I never go caching without are my little flashlight and mini "Leatherman" type tool. Both are small enough to fit comfortably in my pockets. In my vehicle I keep a spool of cash register paper and some little zip lock baggies which can be used to make replacement logs for soggy caches.

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Pocket PC

Second GPS for a backup on a long hike

Extra Batteries


Signiture items to leave.

Extra micro logs and bagies for them

Pencils and Pens



Paper topo map with geocaches posted on it if I am going into the back country

Head lamp - Non L.E.D.

Small Flashlight - Non L.E.D.

Walking sticks

Cell Phone

Ham radio


Large leatherman tool

Probe with a strong magnet on it

Something to eat


In the winter I add a warm jacket and rain wear.

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In my daypack I take my stove and food, mini flashlight and my headlight for when I end up walking at night. First aid kit, signaling mirror, cell phone, two walking poles ( I will not hike without them), Gerber multipurpose tool, I usually go for most of the day do I take six liters of water in the form of 2 three liter Platypus hydration bags. Since I use dehydrated food for my meals I need the extra water. I also take several bandanas, my hat, sunscreen, whistle, and some toilet paper/kleenex. Finally, I carry writing materials.


I tend to go on all day hikes. I like to cover about 15 miles or so (round trip) depending on how difficult the terrain is. I have thought about getting my ham radio license. I think that would be a nice piece of equipment to have around.


Hope that helps.



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I am definitely a newbie at geocaching but not hiking/backpacking. Sooooo...knowing what I know about wilderness stuff.....if thats where your heading to find a geocache you should be prepared. Some areas are quite remote and if you get lost you could be in real trouble if not prepared.


I take a daypack with basic survival gear.


Water.....always take plenty of water........if you cant pack it take water purification tablets.

Map of area

First Aid kit

Buck tool and knife


2 large garbage bags (in case you find yourself in nasty weather and unable to hike out, you can use these to keep warm/dry)--you can also make a quick shelter from these.)

roll of twine or some sort of light weight rope.

Mirror/mine is on my compass

2 dollars in change for a phone call, if needed--hey I dont have a cell phone!

Rain gear

Ultra light Bivy sack

Walking stick



extra batteries

light sticks and head lamp

leather gloves

protective eye wear

hat-appropriate for weather

clothing appropriate for weather

good foot wear

gaiters are a must if going into snake bite country

and some high energy bars/snacks

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.......never leave home without letting someone know where you are going.


Good luck and happy caching! :rolleyes:

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In the car, I carry several geo-tools:


A set of litter pickup tongs, for grabbing caches placed out of my reach.

A miniature garden rake, for gently raking around in gravel or leaves.

Pair of channel-lock pliers.

Mechanic's flexible shaft retractible claw tool.

Extendable magnet.

Dentist-type mirror.

Roll of gaffer's tape.

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Pocket PC





Waterproof Boots

North Face Hammerhead (daypack & hydration unit)



Cell Phone



Protein Bars

Trading Items




These are for more advanced, long hike, and fun caches. If this is on a parking lot micro, we don't go out looking like Indiana Jones. <_<

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When wilderness caching, I wear my roadid bracelet. To keep from being commercial, just do a search for it at google. It has my name, address, and my wife's phone number. Believe me, I've been in some real tight spots, boys! Glad I had it. (Body Identification)


- T of TandS

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