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80 Day Challenge


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I see that AE_Rodney has a travelbug namely "Ghost Rider, World Tour".


I am going to create a similar travelbug with the same goals as AE_Rodney's and challenge him to see who can get our goals completed the quickest.


Any other cachers that would like to join.


NOTE: No prizes, just pure sportsmentship and pride!!!

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The mission is to get around the world in 80 days or under, visiting a cache in every continent: Asia, Europe, Australia and America (the whole North and South counting as one) and then back to Africa. There are no rules on cachers themselves, you can even take the travel bug yourself to each continent. You can even drop off and pick up the bug at a cache and get it moving again, without having to wait for some other cacher to pick it up.


Maybe we should time it from when the Travel Bug leaves his last South Africa cache to when he arrives in his first South African cache?


Ghost Rider, World Tour

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wow... 80 days hey! So if you count Africa as the start and finish, and 4 other continents it would be 6 different caches at least. 80/6 = just less than 14 days per cache which is the average time that a TB usually takes to get from cache to owner and back to cache again... I look forward to seeing how long this will actually take, and perhaps there will be more races in the future to beat the record! :laughing: - Charlie

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It would be interesting indeed.


While my TB DuneRat was not tasked to rush around the globe... it has travelled 49000km and is attempting to circumnavigate the globe in a westerly direction


It's been at it since 13/03/2003 when it was released at Heathrow... and is currently plodding through Australia.


I think 80 days is a tad ambitious... but when never knows in this crazy game... perhaps there is a Geocacher that has purchased an around the world ticket.... will be most interesting to see the progress.

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People, you should know that if you aim at nothing, you'll always hit it. Warthog and I understand that if we fail, we've at least achieved more than we would have if we didn't try!


Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the scouting movement, said that you have to kick the IM out of the word IMPOSSIBLE.


So, who's in?

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Good Point AE Rodney. Have a look at the stats for the 2005 TB Race to Cape Town (posted as a thread, which also conatains a link to my update page).


2 TB's are confirmed MIA, one is in an unknown cache out of eight! The average days for a TB from one cache to another is 18days, from one pick up to the next drop off is 7 days, and this is in ZA!!


80 Days is a nice target, I'll be surprised if they can do it in a year.

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I do not think 80 days would be achievable, unless one makes use of the "Stargate Caches", which in some way will be defeating the objective. For me, it would be nicer if my TB takes 365 days, but have travelled via many caches.


This would be a nice exercise to set a "record" and then see how other TBs in future do against this.


Also, as a comparison, the TB race from Sweden to South Africa and back to Sweden, which started on 14 Feb 2005; currently only one of these TBs have reached South Africa.

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I would have a go at it, but only have two TB's left and one of them is going to try and make it back to New Jersey near my parents house.


Thought I would hold the other for a little bit and see what the future has in store.


I would be interested in seeing this. I was talking to Goofster the other day about a TB race "around the world in 80 days." We thought it would be possible, but would have to have some real support on the forums to get those suckers moving! :D


perhaps we shall do it some day when there are more TB hotels at airports or more desire for it.

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