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USAF Security Police (Law Enforcement Specialist) - 4 yrs

Georgia DOC Correctional Officer - 5 yrs

Georgia DHR Police Sergeant (Mental Hospital) - 2 years

Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer - 1 1/2 yrs

Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer - Almost 2 yrs now and my current position.


Any others out there trade patches, let me know....I've been known to stick some extras in caches every now and then.

Woodsters, I didn't know you did all that!!!! Cool.



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I'm a Law Enforcement Classroom and Firearms Instructor and also a Certified Law Enforcement Armorer with almost 15 years experience.


I've never been a LEO, but I work with and train with cops regularly on my job.


I recently completed a training assignment with the Ashville, N.C. P.D.


I'm a corporate stooge for a really BIG company. :):)

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I'm not, but my fiancee is an EMT. We use the same account, even though its in my name :laughing:


He has his California POST, graduated 10 months ago from the academy... right as all the hiring freezes started!!! Talk about BAD timing. Thank goodness he already had his EMT cert before the academy. Still waiting to get picked up by an agency.

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