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Items In A Cache


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I know that "a lot of the Geocaching is in the hunt and not the treaure you take with you", but...


After visiting the caches in Bloemfontein over the weekend (and this post is NOT only aimed at the Bloemfontein caches, but to all caches), and taking newbies with nogal, I must say that the quality (and quantity) of items in the two caches we visited are very poor.


I know, I also sometimes just add something small, but to pitch up at a cache that you drove nearly 400 kms to go and visit only to find a few marbles, a few stickers and obvisouly items no one else wants, was really sad.


From my side, "I commit that from now on the start contents' value of my cache will not be less than R100.00, with at least one or two items of some value (R25.00 to R50.00).


I also challenge all other cachers out there to do the same, as well as to revisit some of the existing caches and to restock them. I will also be revisiting my caches over the next month or so, to ensure that those not "up to scratch" are upgraded.


From now on, I would rather place only one cache a month (or every second month), which contains ten or more quality items, than place ten caches, which contains only a few items, or "crappy" items.

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Hear hear!! Wholeheartily agree with Warthog.


Nothing more disappointing than visiting a cache to find candy wrappers, cigarettes and straws (I cleaned it up).


Always nice to find unique items (signature or useable).


Africard and TB Hunter will be "Good cache" compliant in future.

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We absolutely agree.

On the whole the KZN ones are nicely stocked, infact I can only think of 1 which was "rubbish" and that was archived due to lack of interest.

It doesn't have to be expensive, I spend evenings hand making things to go into the caches. We are very fortunate in having some friends who are "Buyers" for chain stores so we get samples of the new ranges. But really all you have to do is keep your eyes open and you will find plenty of bargains around.

Left over corporate gifts are a good stock source.

We are taking 2 new cachers out this weekend, and as they don't know what to bring to trade we will be letting them use our trading stock, this way we are able to start them off at an acceptable trading level.

Raising the level of the game is a GREAT direction to head in.

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While i completely agree with this in theory, I do not think it fair to dis people hiding a cache with a few or cheepie goodies.

One has to take into account that not everyone who does geocaching has a lot of spare cache lying around to spend R100 on every cache they place - especially with the cost of petrol nowadays.

i personally would rather find 20 caches with nothing or junk inside them, and have enjoyed a great time out hunting these caches, than these caches not be in existence at all, and not have had that fun experience.

I myself have hidden 14 caches, some of which have been nicely stocked with some decent goodies, and sometimes when I have been feeling a bit poorly, I tend to downgrade on the goodies, but still setting up a great cache (eg, some of my micro-caches.

I do understand though from a kids viewpoint that the treasure is a lot of the fun, but those caches that are poorly stocked can also be a good lesson for the kids that one can still have a super time without getting and trinkets out of the deal.

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I personally would rather find 20 caches with nothing or junk inside them, and have enjoyed a great time out hunting these caches, than these caches not be in existence at all, and not have had that fun experience.


Have to agree with that statement. We're fortunate in knowing a couple of buyers for chain stores who are extremely generous with samples for "that crazy game you guys play".


Because of their generosity, we outlay little cash in hiding well-stocked caches.


If we didn't have these contacts, we'd be forced to downgrade the quality of the swag. But we'd still be hiding caches!


If there are no caches to find, the game will grind to a halt, and we wouldn't want that, would we?


The hunt is the most exciting and pleasurable aspect of caching, and we would continue playing even if the cache contained a pencil and a log book only.



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I also agree with the statements made by the previous two cachers, about "its the hunt...", but I think just dumping items in a cache to get rid of it, i.e. bottle caps, tooth picks, etc. can turn a cache into a trash very quickly.


I will not take a tooth pick just lieing open in the cache, I don't know where that tooth pick was last. :blink:


A cacher can also, by using a bit of creativeness stock a cache very nicely for less than R 20. I have managed to do that previously, so one do not need to try and out do the Jones in this sport. (Just think of what golf costs its players, and they keep walking and finding the same places all the time!!!) B)


In the case where a cacher takes newbies and/or children cache hunting, I think cachers (myself included) may need to just check what the cache content could be (work out from prevoous logs what was left / taken), to ensure that the hunt is enjoyed by all and not create an anticipation of finding "great treasures" and then being disappointed when finding the cache.


Need to work through the logs again, because...

Now in which cache did that cacher left the two rugby test tickets again???

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My two cents worth (with our inflation that's not much!)


My wife and I spent a very enjoyable day in the Rietvlei reserve today. Whilst we were there we pondered about the fact that some people look forward to striking the Lotto or something when finding a cache.


We don't get around to do much caching due to circumstances, but we go when we can and the fun is more in going to places that you didn't even know existed and otherwise would've passed by than in actual trading.


One thing though: Trade fairly - do not take an obviously high value item and leave a very low value item! The idea is not to get rich in the process.


Happy Hunting to all!

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