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Silver Calgary Geocoins

Lemon Fresh Dog
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Hello all,

There is a new Calgary Area Cachers "silver" geocoin (not real silver!)


These are a "locals only" coin and look the same as the "gold" Calgary coins (same die)


Anyhow, I ordered several of them and have 20 as "traders"


They are metal coins, and I am open to most trades! (I'm okay even if I have the coin as I am building an "extreme" cache and want to put 20-30 different coins in it)


Just PM me or post here if you would like a trade.


<edit> The coins are already heere, but I am travelling and will not have them in hand until the 17th. I've already traded a few, but have 20 left in my "trader" pile. First 20 get them.

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There is a new Calgary Area Cachers "silver" geocoin (not real silver!)


These are a "locals only" coin and look the same as the "gold" Calgary coins (same die)

Actually, it is real silver AFAIK, but silver plated. I think it is Silver plated copper IIRC.

The gold that I'm guessing you're reffering to is the bronze one, but my gold ones are actually gold plated.

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Now I am getting low on traders. I will take about 5 more trades (this exceeds my original allocation, but I have some extras).


Thank you to everyone that responded. I will have some nice coins for my treasure chest cache! (of course, it will be a 4/4 or 5/5 in the middle of a wilderness area that requires travel by logging road and boat -- but MAN....will it have some NICE SWAG (actually, instread of Stuff We All Get, maybe I should call it SSPG - Stuff Some People Get).



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I will have 8 of these limited edition local coins on July 17th, available for trade. Would be interested in trading for other metal coins, preferably ones that can no longer be ordered directly over the internet. PM or e-mail me. If possible, please send a jpeg image of the front and back of your coin, or insert a link to a website with the image. Thanks.

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We have our own KirklandExplorers (next to Seattle) coin we are finishing the design and will have available in 4 to 6 weeks. If interested we would love to trade you a coin!

I'll say yes! If send me your address and I'll send you a coin.


With that....they are now GONE. None left. Nada. Zip.


If I do get more of them (after I finish all my commited trades) then I will let folks know.

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Hello all,

I now have these in my possession! So they will be shipped to all the "traders" that I have made deals with.


As it happens, it also looks as if I will have 10 additional coins for trades. For these last 10, I am looking for coins I do not have (of which there are many). If you have something and couldn't get a Silver Calgary then e-mail me your offer.


Thanks to everyone that traded! I have recieved about 6 coins so far and am very grateful for them!

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Okay! I am ready to start mailing coins..... I need some folks to contact me though!


Ladybug Killers


Smokey & the Teacher


I need your mailing address's -- I have a few names without "handles" so it may be that I have your address under your real name and not your geocaching ID.


The following are the folks getting coins.


Ladybug Killers


Smokey & the Teacher




Team Hydnckr




Team Shydog



David C. of San Jose (need your Geocaching handle)


Joel from Minneapolis (nice meeting you in person while I was there!)



Randy G of Kirkland



Some are getting multiples. If you are not on the list and should be then make sure to let me know! All of the folks listed above I have addresses for (except the first three, which I suspect are listed by real name in the bottom part of the list).


Coins are being mailed tomorrow!

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Hi Lemon Fresh Dog


I sent you a Midwest GeoBash coin in the mail yesterday. I tried to write an email to you through gc.com but it was returned as undeliverable. So here's my email instead :lol:


I tossed in a sig card and my sig wooden nickel, so if you have a sig item I'd love one in return.


thanks !



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