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Solo Female Cachers

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Do any ladies out there go out caching alone?


Would you feel vulnerable?


I have never ventured out caching on my own, and wondered how other solo ladies might find it!


Don't worry - Phill hasn't left me, just a thought I had when I was off work on my own last week - I could be out caching instead of doing housework!!

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I could be out caching instead of doing housework!!

Best excuse ive listened to in a long time... :D


"I was out geocaching darlin' thats why your tea's not ready" :D




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:D being a male cacher you have opened my eyes to how it must be feel to be a lone female cacher..i have very rarely seen anybody whilst out caching in the woods,except another cacher!..i have passed many women walking dogs and i have been very aware of them being nervy,i just keep on walking and try to give them no cause for alarm...,trust your insticts..if it dont look right,your probily right....i would also echo some of the points made....ALWAYS take your phone...if you still feel unsafe..take some hair spray or one you can get for your safety..dont shout rape..shout FIRE,evevryone around will come straight away for a fire..but the facts are......... you have more chance of being attacked in a city centre,run down by a bus or crashing your car then you have of getting attacked in woods...the worst thing is getting injured with no help..hence phone and loud voice,i hope this may put your mind at rest...have fun :D
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I don't think I would ever go out caching alone... the thought just crossed my mind while I was dusting and hoovering on a beautiful day!!


Phill keeps both the GPS's and the maps etc in his car so they are there poised for a quick dash out to a cache.... amybe one day I'll take my friend's dog with me, I'd look silly taking my cat out with me!! :D

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This attack happened no more than 50 metres from my most popular cache, and is a busy tourist area. How this attacker managed to do this without being stopped astounds me, as the kirkyard always has people in it. Although I do have a warning on the page not to visit at night, which was there before this happened.


This however doesn't mean that I need to rush out and remove my cache, it means that if it is going to happen it will, whether you are in the middle of the City (like this) or in the woods.

If you're happy to go out on your own to even do your shopping, then you should be happy to go out on your own caching.

I'm afraid that when it comes to being attacked no one is safe, and hardly anyone will help you.


For those people that have ever visited Prince's Street in Edinburgh, you will know that you can't walk more than 5 paces without having to avoid someone, even at night, it is that busy. So it surprises me that no one stopped this attack from happening. Sign of the times I guess :D:D:D

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I frequently go out caching alone. This is not to say that I wonder about blithely unaware of any potential dangers, but as others have said, I could be in as much danger in Tescos car park one dark evening. The link to the USA site seemed a bit hysterical to me. No, I am not going to cut my hair short just in case an attacker picks on me because I have long hair.


All the stats for the UK say that the group most likely to suffer from attack are young men aged between 17 and 25, so it may be more appropriate to ask if men are happy to be out alone? Or if you like, to put it another way, the majority of women in the UK who are attacked and/or raped are attacked by somebody known to them, frequently their partner, so it may be safer to go out!


What I have noticed, however, is a lot of car parks which I use for caching seem to be popular 'dogging' spots. Ew!! :D

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One of my caching buddies wants to buy a dog becuase HE is so uncomfortable with what people must think of a fella walking around on his own.


I wandered onto a railway track while caching and there was a woman doing up her laces. She stood up, glanced in my direction and ran off. It kind of made me sad that this was the way of the world, but later on, I came across her again, still running, this time towards me.

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Hi :D

I am female and a large majority of my caches I do alone. I enjoy the solitude and peace. I have walked in many woods and felt very calm. There have been about 2 locations that I felt unsure but I kept my self aware all the time.


I am not sure what I would do if I was attacked, something no one knows till it happens unfortunately. My plan of action is to smother them with my boobs :D but please dont get excited by this I will sufforgate you. I alway think I wouldnt be able to run but when I was confronted with a stampede of cows I flew off impressively.


Many may think I am mad but there is no way I will let anyone stop me enjoying myself.


I think Hazel it is your own saftey you should think about and you make that best judgement but I wouldnt let a man stop me going to do some caches and they expect me to clean up, but thats just me :D I am sure your not being told to not do them, but I would give them ago.


Also I feel when alone I get many caches accurately because women are so good at navigating. lol :D


Yorkypudding. Gosh thats my opinion, I dont share that often lol.

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I do most of my caching on my own, somehow thats part of the fun (I know I'm strange).

There are some caches I would't think about doing on my own.

I do a lot of research & preparation before I go out, leave a note for the family & usually a copy of the printouts where I'm going, charge phone etc. I would'nt even think about night caching.

Basically if it frightens you, don't do it.

Love tiddles


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Just want to clear a few things up....


I DO NOT do all the housework.....

Phill DOES NOT stop me doing anything I want to do


In fact, Phill does lots of the housework, cooks most nights and is an all round fab bloke...


I was meerly just stating that one sunny day when I was home alone, I thought about going off alone, then thought better of it... I just wondered if anyone else had ever considered themselves at risk!!


Rant over!!

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Do any ladies out there go out caching alone?


Would you feel vulnerable?

Yes. And no.


642 caches - most of them done on my own, but not all. Would be attackers are not particularly likely, IMHO, to hang about in areas of the countryside waiting for a lone female to come by. I'm more worried about breaking an ankle in a remote spot than being attacked; and that concern applies to both sexes not just females.


You are more likely to be attacked doing your shopping. And I'd much rather be out caching than either going shopping or doing housework! :lol:

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As a lot of you know, I'm a big bloke and I've resisted caches beacuse I've felt vulnerable. Both times that spring to mine were semi-urban. Big bloke or not, I'm no match for a gang of 20 or more.


I've also done a lot of night caching, usually out in the wilds, and felt prefectly safe, I'm sure I'd feel the same if I was female. I DO however worry a little when out of mobile phone coverage for reasons stated above.

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Do any ladies out there go out caching alone?


Would you feel vulnerable?

Yes, me. I haven't had any problems so far. Mind you, I haven't been out at night. And my ex-SBS ex-boyfriend was very keen to ensure that I could look aftter myself!


As with all these things, it's a matter of confidence and local knowledge. I learned this in New York actually - that if you look vulnerable you attract predators, just as in the wider world of animals. Look purposeful and you will be less likely to attract them.


Of the three caches I have set, one is close to a slightly disreputable outlying area of Reading, one is in a spot that attracts winos (which actually makes it rather safer since the winos are harmless and their watching presence deters predators) and one is deep in remote woodland that I don't suppose would be very productive at night anyway.



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I found the advice on the Americain site about trying to look confident to be usefull for me .

As a result I now say hello to any lone man who crosses my path in isolated places ,pretending I am perfectly happy to see them there .

If nothing else it seems to me to help the average man look less uncomfortable .


I could just as easily injure myself by falling down the stairs when home alone and not be able to summon help as when out in the country side alone .

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