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Ridiculing Magellan

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1. Hit the Goto button

2. Screen pops up that says "A goto already exists, clear it?" I click "Yes"

3. A Screen pops up that says "Do you want a new GOTO" Well, that's why I clicked "Yes" last time, but..ok..."Yes"

4. Screen pops up for choice of "My Pts of Interest" or "Background Map." I'll take Pts of Interest. "Click"

5. Scroll through "My Pts of Interest," find the one I want. "Click"


Steps 2 and 3 didnt make sense to me at first. But I use Step 3 for clearing the GOTO. I just tell it No when I want to clear it

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Nobody has mentioned Garmin's superior customer service.

Excellent point - My biggest problem with maggie's right now. I have the top of the line GPSr they produce, and no fixes for known bugs since it was released in March. Love my magellan, but no love for magellan :lol:

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Bret...I had never thought about it, but you're correct that steps 2 & 3 could be eliminated (why else would the user have clicked GoTo if he/she didn't want to----well---GoTo a POI?).  There are many times when I use steps 2 & 3, though, to clear a GoTo because I no longer need it and I want to clear the screen.


Thanks for the comparison.

I have seen step two pop up with my Meridan Gold while auto routng with direct route. I like this feature, if I stop to eat along the way I can turn off my Meridian gold when I turn it back on it picks up were I left off and I do not have to re enter the goto. Once I get to the area of the poi or cache the auto routing stops and step two does not pop up. I do not see a real problem with step two, there have been times when I have hit the goto button by mistake when I have not wanted a new goto.


I guess if step two did not pop up someone would complain that they hit the goto button be mistake and the GPS did not alert them that thet were about to delete the current goto.


As far as step three, there may not be a need for a new goto after deleting one.

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I have had a better experience using the explorist 100 than with the etrex yellow/legend.


The explorist 100

-signal reception seems to be much more stronger with the explorist 100

-hold their signal much better than the etrexes

-faster signal reception with cold starts

-tracked when it fell under the seat of my car


-easier to use because the buttons are on the front rather than the sides

-can track in my pocket. While the etrex said weak signal when it was on my belt clip


Had been using garmin for several months, but converted to magellan after purchasing it very cheap at a store. Was amazed at the superiority of their reception to garmins.


Just my experience. :lol:

You're comparing the latest technology from Magellan with a unit from Garmin that is 5 years old. If you want to make a valid comparison compare an eXplorist with a new eTrex color unit. You'll find that they are at least equal. The Legend C I worked with had better reception than the Magellan Meridian I was comparing it with.

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Well lets see, I started with a Lowrance GN212 used it for over a year for caching, Then decided I just had to have mapping, so out of the Garmin , Magellan & the Lowrance lines I settled on the Magellan Gold. For about a month and a half I ran the GN212 & the gold side by side, the Lowrance was constantly the closer unit.Then the gold started beating the Lowrance about 50% of the time, (burn in?)

I bought a Legend to compare it against the gold, and never did really care for it,

(personal preference? who knows)

  I think the main thing is just being comfortable with the unit you have.

For me its the gold, although my next one may be a 60cs??????????. :lol:

Update from june 2nd

Bought an exp.500 in july and have had no trouble with it.

Right out of the box it was beating the maggy gold and that makes me a very happy camper :D

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My first "handheld" GPS was a Trimble Scoutmaster. Must have been 1995 or so. WAY before SA was tuned off, and geocaching was started. Now THERE was a GPSr!!! About like two Magellan Meridians Side by side! It ate 4 AA batteries like crazy! Little display, long time to lock up, slow to update, lousy backlight. If I remember right, 100 waypoint memory, similar small track memory. Mapping software was pathetic. The GOOD OLD DAYS!!!! Woo Hoo! Wish I still had it.....

It DID have one neat trick! Instead of Lat / Long, you could select a display of Thomas Brothers map coords! Seriously! It gave you map book name (like Los Angeles County), page number, and alphanumeric "box", like B3, then "decimals inside the box" (like B.3, 3.5). It was so much fun!


So - now I own a Garmin and a Magellan. Mostly I use the Magellan, wife uses the Garmin. I like them both JUST FINE. Don't most of us eat Apples and Oranges? I do.

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I've been ridiculed 3 or 4 times in my memory for using a Magellan. A couple of times I took it as humorous deprecating banter.


But it starts to sound mean after a while.

These are the same people who drive some particular brand of car, and loudly tell the world that any other brand of car is garbage. They should be suspected of having latent mental instabilities.

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