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New Group Started For The State Of South Dakota

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I did some research and could not find that a geocahing group had been

started for our great state.


I would like GeocachingSD.com to become the place for all of us South Dakota Geocacher to come together. The site could also be used to help others that would like information on Geocaching in South Dakota.


I'm open to all idea's and suggestion to help make the group fun and



One of the things I'm looking at doing this summer is holding a event



This is all new to me, but I think together as a group we could do a

lot for geocaching in our state.


This idea of a South Dakota group has only been in the works for a

short time.


Please check out the forums for the group at www.GeocachingSD.com


If you have any questions for suggestions please feel free to contract me.




Milbank, SD

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I tried signing up for the group a week or so ago, but it's not letting me sing in.


Do I have to sign up for one of their "free" sponsors? If so, that is a major pain in the butt.


Wyatt W.

Not sure what to tell you.



I will do some check on it.

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Ok, I signed out and created a new account to see how it worked when signing up as a new member.


I get a page were it has you create a username and password.


Then at the botton there is a check box that say's

Yes! I want to receive messages and special offers from ezboard's partners.


I unchecked it.


Then I clicked ok or creat account.

It then went to the page for "free offers" there were 4 I could pick from.


Near the bottom right hand corner I clicked "No Thanks" to the offers and my account was created with a username and password.


Let me know if you have any problems getting account started, thanks.

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I'll be taking my family on a road trip in July heading to Mount Rushmore from Seattle. I've got plenty of caches to search for while I'm in the area. Can you tell me which ones are "can't miss"? My kids are 7 and 9 so I won't be able to take on 3+ terrain caches. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer!


Eternal Design

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