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I have a Palm Zire 72, and I'm looking for a good, cheap program to download caches to so I don't have to print out pages for the caches.


I download the waypoints to my Garmin 60cs, but I like having the printout along to read the desciption for hints, history, and fun facts.


Any recomendations?

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I have another question related to the zire 72. Would it be possible to connect this handheld with a Garmin Vista C? Would I then be able to add gps info to pictures that I was taking with the camera?

There is no program that I am aware of that would automate it on a Palm. Check out this thread on Geostamping Photos for how to do it with your GPS log and pictures that store exif data.

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I just started using cachemate and IMHO, it is the best Palm application I have on my PDA. In fact, I had pretty much stopped using the PDA, but now I have found a great use for it. I don't plan on connecting it to my GPSr, but I really like not having the paper to deal with.


I also use another program to convert the files into a cachemate format called CMconvert. It also rules!!!


I'm on a Mac. PCs have other options, but cachemate will upload to a palmOS device from either.


It's the best eight bucks I've spent in a long time.



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Very cool stuff here guys! Thanks! I was ready to just put out a forumn post, but I figured, "I bet I'm not the only paperless cacher newbie"


Funny thing is, I just purchased a Zire 72 as well. Mostly to keep up with my contacts/calendar (my old black and white Palm Vx croacked) but I forgot about the cool stuff available for paperless caching!


I also got the GPS pack with it for when I'm driving around, mostly for street/directions use. Havn't gotten into it yet really, but is it possible to cache with that setup?


I do have a Garmin eTrex Vista I currently use (although it somtimes does not like to display, and the outer rubber is ripped and comming off.

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