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  1. You limited to 8MB on maps (Aprox 1/2 of Oklahoma) Your Map file you are trying to upload is to large
  2. click the top right buton it should scrool threw about five screens
  3. When I save the Geocaching Icon to the desktop using Vista, I do not get the Geocaching Logo but a window Internet Icon. When I right click on the Icon, then click on properties I can see the Geocaching Icon but can not get it to the desktop How do you get the Geocaching Icon on the desktop??
  4. Get a cheap Nuvi and download the patch for custom point of interest
  5. I do not belive that you will have plug & play. The computer thasnks that you are using a serial port. If you have a Working Cable connected to your GPS you can down load
  6. Get Topo 2008 for the Vista. Instead get a low end NUVI for $100 the same amount you will pay for City Navigator. (You can use a Vista for Auto Navigator but a NUVi is so much better)
  7. Assuming you have a Nuvi that does routes. Not all Nuvis do routes. Which NUVIS do routes??
  8. Etrex HCX models the best chip set Etrex CX models the second best Etrex Models the worst If you are going to get a Etrex get a HCX model
  9. You need GSAK and the Download from the big Nuvi thread.
  10. 1) Filter the caches that you want to see on map. 2) Send to GPS Unit. 3) Export to mapsource to view on map. OR 4) Export to Streets and Maps
  11. Do you use Excel at home or work? GSAK is like a excel spreadsheet. You can sort data in many way.
  12. How do you get the Geocaching Icon on your desktop with Vista???? I open up www.geocaching/com right click on screen Click on Create Shortcut (Do you want to put shortcut on desktop) Click on yes A standard windows icon appears and not the Geocaching Icon. If I right click on Icon Click on properties I can see the Geocaching Icon But I can not change the Icon to the Geocaching Icon Help
  13. 3) My wife likes to turn the unit off between caches. Is it better to leave it on? If so, how long does it take before the unit is running at optimum accuracy? (e.g., How often are WAAS updates sent? Does the unit use any kind of internal averaging to improve accuracy over time? Do not turn your GPS off between caches
  14. Yes the Garmin Etrex will work Go to the golf course and make a waypoint in the center of each green (Pin placement changes so you mark the center of the green) The next time you tee off, on your garmin goto waypoint 1 and then number 2 and so on
  15. You plot your trip in routes in mapsource and then send it to the GPS You can not go from goole earth to your GPS
  16. The sales numbers are not up to date
  17. Can you translate into something I can understand? (very simple would work best) What was said in the other topic, not what you specifically typed. In theroy you can download waypoints from a PC. (If you are a Computer NERD) Most people will buy a better GPS that downloads Waypoints in Normal GPS File Formats
  18. GSAK manages and sorts Waypoints any way that you want. Example of using GSAK not for Caching but as seperate Data Bases with in GSAK Cemetery Plots Camping spots Fishing Holes Unique Land marks and ETC
  19. Groundspeask Web page to GSAK then to GPS You will want a compter program to manage your cache on
  20. Yes Base map will take you any where in US with Federal or State Highways It dose not have street detail for in town or city[s
  21. Get GSAK It is very easy to learn how to do the basics. (It is like a excel spreadsheet) Easy GPS has a steep learning curve to do the basics compaired to GSAK
  22. NO Maps for GPS can only be downloaded to your GPS from software that you purchased from the GPS Vender
  23. Why do you want to use GMaptoGPX utility? Use you Mapsource program to create a route and download it to your GPS.
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