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I have a request to persons who place caches.

The fun for me is in getting within 5 metres of a cache by means of GPS (or other puzzle) and also enjoying the scenery if appliccable.

It is NOT fun to dig up the whole area to find the cache, even more when the cache was stolen.

My request is therefore to try to describe the exact detail position as good as is possible. If the cache has been stolen, one will realise it very soon and not waste a lot of time and energy.

Thank you.

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Yes, a photo will help.

Is information like "Under large rock on Northen side of the rock" really revealing too much? My GPS is already telling me it is somewhere in/under this rock, but depending on the terrain it could take half an hour to find the actual cache. A non-GPS person with this description will not be able to get near to this rock.

But, you must also tell me if I am completely out of line!!

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We only give explicit hints on caches that are difficult and time consuming to get to. Others, that are an easy drive or walk? You're on your own!


In our opinion, there's a great amount of fun to be had trying to work out how the original hider's mind works and applying "the force" to discovering the cache.

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Agree with Azaruk. I've never ended up less than five metres from a cache according to the (my) GPS, that however does not gaurantee a find. IMO a great cache is one that, after reading the clues, still requires some caching skill to find. I attepted "Belfry" 3 times and only found it with the help of other cachers....


"Under large rock" is fine if the location only has limited amount of possibilities, but not when the terrain is "rocky".


I love the way Azaruk uses the encrytion tool to give spoilers for the more difficult caches.

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I think that it is really up to the hider to decide how much detail should be given.

I have hidden a cache where the distance from car to cache is maybe 20m, but the fun of this cache is in the hunting on difficult terrain, so i have given not much hints (enough in the encrypted clues though.)

I have hiden a cache in a very busy area, and this cache I have given very detailed instructions on how to find the cache and be sneaky about it, as having people search for 10 minutes would attract to much attention and result in a stolen cache.

It really all depends on the cache. If the purpose of placing the cache was to get someone to go on a 10km hike up a steep mountain for incredible views, then by all means give a detailed cache description, cos if someone does not find the cache after an all day exhauxting slog, it will be a while before they can go back to try find it later, thus resulting in disappointed cachers.

If the cache is designed to be challenging to find, but is in a easy to get to spot, one can easy go back and try again later.

I think the most important thing is to get a good balance between normal clues and encrypted clues

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Agree with previous replies. The encrypted hint section is an area where additional clues can be given, and these can be direct or cryptic. Some folks post photo’s etc. In the end, it’s up to the cache owner to rate the cache appropriately and give the necessary clues based on that rating. A cache rated 1 should be fairly easy to find, and if it is in difficult terrain or the location is not relatively obvious then the owner should give enough hints to warrant a 1 rating or he/she needs to up the rating to a 2 or 3 etc.

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It is NOT fun to dig up the whole area to find the cache, even more when the cache was stolen.

I was just looking through the forum when I re-read this particular entry.


I sincerely hope this was just a figure of speech, and you don't go digging the area contained within a 5m radius. Land managers could get seriously annoyed if you did that!!!


Caches are never buried.

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