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Yep. Audacity is the way to go. Of course you need to connect the output of the cassette player to the input of your sound card.


You will also need to make sure that the settings in the control panel are correct to record from the required input. Something along the lines of sound settings, audio, record, volume and select the mic input (assuming that is where you have plugged it in). The actual settings depend on operating system and to some extent the sound card you have.

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an alternative that i use (but you do need to pay for) is musicmatch jukebox. I'm currently recording LOTS of tapes from my youth onto harddisk and then chucking the tapes to save moving them. A long process but am getting reasonable results. Audacity does seem to be raved about and one day i'll get round to trying it myself.

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Those of you who use a current version of Nero Burning Rom to burn your Cds have already got a fantastic recording system built in which also allows you to clean up the subsequent recording and split it into tracks etc.


Under the Nero submenu on your start menu, look for nero SoundTrax.


Then once in, look under tools>>wizards, and there is a Tape-to-CD wizard.


I mean, how much easier do you want them to make it?!

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If you can download it, you don't need to transfer it to your pc???

I expect he means download it to an mp3 player or somesuch.


We use the terms upload and download so freely that its sometimes hard to remember that you can only download when the computer you are downloading from is at a higher altitude than your one.


Thats the reason you can always download faster than you can upload. The electrons in the wire naturally flow downhill more easily.

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And it irritates me in much the same way as if someone asks if they can 'lend' my pen becuase they 'borrowed' theirs to someone else.


Now, off to consult Lynne Truss to see if that 'theirs' need an apostrophe or not :laughing:


For reference, one downloads FROM and uploads TO.


As far as I can think of, there is only one case where there is ambiguity; if you have two devices in front of you and you must initiate the transfer on both bevices. I would say you have a simultaneous upload and download going on then. Proably better to just call it transfer :(

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