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Premium Membership: Is It Worth It?


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I agree with Whostops regarding the contribution, but there are other matters as well.


When you are a Premium Member you can set up Pocket Queries for example.

This way you automatically receive information about certain caches, your Watchlist for example, on predefined days.


If you use a program like GSAK you can have these Pocket Queries sent in *.gpx format in stead of the *.loc format you would normally use.


These *.gpx files cointain a wealth of information that you use to build up your database(s).


Unfortunately I still haven't found a way to pay for my version of GSAK and the nag screens are driving me up the wall.


So, in a nutshell, if you do a lot of geocaching it is definitely worthwhile.


Happy Hunting


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Agree with WhoStops and MetroNomad.


I've only ever done one Member only cache. Thought it might be something really special... it wasn't, in fact it was quite lame and I was most disappointed.


I can see no reason to exclude half the GC community from a cache?!?!?!

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So, I could just aswell contribute by buying travel bugs and other murchandise, because it all goes to the same people? Right?

That's the way I feel about it.


Paying for the pocket query feature when there are so few caches in this country (province) is a waste as far as I am concerned.


I'll happily contribute through other products on which I am sure the host site makes a profit!

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